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    Doctor Who/Nerdfighters

    Amy~ You know I Nerdfighter! I can't wait go Tour De Nerdfighting with you :D
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    Hearing people who are attracted to deaf people

    This is definitly more than a little creepy! I'm hearing and I agree with my best friend (who is Deaf) that her hearing aids look pretty cool (kind of like my glasses) but hot?(if that is the right term???) not at all! just cool, sort of a fashion statement (her's are blue and glittery you must...
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    Other Science Fiction shows' fans?

    X-Files Doctor Who Star Trek Torchwood I'm utterly obsessed with Doctor Who!!
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    Hallo! I'm from UK!

    Finally! Hallo! Finally! Someone else from the UK! I moved to the US a few years ago and my teachers think my spelling is awful. I tell them no, centre is spelled centre not center.:giggle: