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    What are you thinking about? Part III

    I'm thinking about how angry I will be in the morning when I wake up and wish I had gone to sleep earlier...I am also thinking about how much I must do for my church and that I need to study new ASL words so I will interpret better for my boyfriend the next time he comes to church with me....I...
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    Baby Sign Language

    My niece is the same age and she has leaned all of her colors, I'm now trying ot teach her animals and she is doing well, she is very shy too so the best way to do it is as a game. Whenever my niece gets a color that I point to correct, I tickle her or pick her up and swing her around, making a...
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    Baby Sign Language

    I agree with you! If a person decides to continue signing with their child, they should teach them the correct way once they get older. People do teach a 'babyfied' version of Rnglish (wa-wa, da-da, wee-wee). Though people do this, I do not agree with it, even within the English language. I...
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    Baby Sign Language

    wow....and my brother in law signs 'fart' and giggles...
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    Is this cheating?

    it's not least not really... ;)
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    Been in a relationship with a hearing person

    MY GOD...nothing else needs to be said, drop the mic and walk away, this guy is PREACHIN'!! As a fellow Hearing Person dating a Deaf guy, I COULD NOT have said it any better...Thanks, dude, for real!
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    I have a different question: whom out of everyone who has answered believes they were "born gay" or whom do you believe have "become gay" from early (or later) life experiences. I have friends who have expressed that they have become gay from earlier experiences, I think that is rarely talked...
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    Deaf parents/Deaf orphans

    fantastic point!!!!!!
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    Deaf parents/Deaf orphans

    I know a mixed couple (hearing, Deaf) that adopted a boy who was Deaf, they seem to be happy together. I don't know of anyone Deaf who adopted a hearing child, that would be interesting to find out...
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    He is pissed at me again.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with ranting! That's what these boards are all about! I understand how you feel. I am the 'hearie' and by boyfriend is the 'deafie' it is not always easy for us to visit with each other's friends because of the language barrier, I hang with his friends more...
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    Are you a CAT person or a DOG person?

    I have had both but I love cat's because they are less work, Dogs are more loyal, though...sometimes I don't see my cat for days in the house, she just lives her own private life and comes to me when she want s to be petted!
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    What makes you happy?

    What makes me happy is my family. They are always there for me and bring me joy. I love God, also, for the same reason, any gaps my family may leave, he fills in for me. My priorities are to serve God as best I can, everything else in my life will fall into place.
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    DOD Asks: How Would You Feel Showering With Gays?

    I don't care who I shower with, just don't touch or talk to me.
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    Systems for Writing ASL

    I think about that all the boyfriend is Deaf and since his high school was not accredited, he has had to get his GED though the 'graduated' from high school...his challenge while trying to pass the GED is the English part, I can't imagine how a person leans English without hearing it...
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    Systems for Writing ASL

    In my opinion what makes ASL so beautiful is that it uses the separate the language from the body is like separating your fingers from your hand...[/I]