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    Gay 19, looking for deaf friends

    Hey, I'm Ryan. I'm a hearing man in college studying deaf interpreting. I would love to be able to meet more gay males to skype with so I can build friendships and even my ASL skills. Currently I am an ASL 1020 (level A2) student, and use PSE (with a little bit of ASL)
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    As teens in the Deaf / Hard of Hearing (or even hearing community!) and the LGBT community, what are your fears, concerns, worries, or whatever relevant to things like coming out? If you are already an Out-of-the-closet teen, how old were you? What was it like? What were your emotions before...
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    How old were you...

    15 i came out in late freshman year in hs
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    Skype, anyone?

    i am an asl 1 student and i love learning asl/pse. ryn4u96
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    Any Singles here?

    i am single, but way too young. i am only 16.
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    Boy Scouts To Allow Gay Youths

    Boy Scouts should be as accepting as my friends are. And they are very accepting. :) simple as that!
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    Greetings from Ohio

    Hey everyone, I am Ryan. I'm 16 (will be 17 on 4 November) and I live in Northeast Ohio. :) I am hearing, and i'm learning Spanish, German, and ASL/PSE. I would like to meet some deaf / hard of hearing people and learn sign language through a native deaf person.