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    Bsl uk recruitment fair

    I'm not that sure what kind of event you mean and why it's BSL find jobs for BSL users, to help BSL users navigate a general job fair, to recruit interpreters..?
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    Confused mummy, frustrated hoh toddler. advice needed please

    Very late to this party, but I lived this. When my daughter was young she was back and forth, back and forth, hearing down, hearing up, hearing down, hearing up (one normal test does not a complete discharge make!!!) and hearing down. She couldn't hear me, I couldn't understand her because with...
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    Free in UK - old body worn radio aid kit

    I offered this up on another site and someone wanted it then vanished into thin air, so here it is again. I have a Connevans CRM220 kit, transmitter, receiver, long and short patch cords, neck loop and DAI cables with various microphones, belt clips, neck lanyards and so on. Someone said she...
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    Looking for new ear molds? are ear molds being phased out?

    Definitely don't just switch over an aid programmed for domes to moulds yourself, it needs to be reprogrammed for moulds. If you are planning to get moulds, get them first then get programmed right, unless your coverage lets you go back easily and get the programming changed. Domes can be OK...
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    How to address a coworker faking her hearing loss

    Unless she is doing something that seriously undermines safety or security at the company I think it's not for you to get involved. If this annoys you on a personal level, that's not a business thing. It sounds like she could be mentally ill, and it's just a different type of discrimination if...
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    Is There Any Way To Reduce Strain On My Ear?

    There should be a variety of wear options for your CI, including a Babyworn style or a smaller battery. Some glasses are made with a wraparound style to secure them so it wraps to the back of your head rather than behind the ear. You won't see loads of them, though, so if you don't like the few...
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    People Who See Your Hearing Device In Public And Start Signing

    Sounds like an eager ASL learner wanting some free practice between classes and got quite annoyed that you weren't there to help. Or perhaps grew up either bilingual or mostly ASL in a CODA house and wanted to communicate in her first language. Either way, it's not up to you to provide what the...
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    Everyday dangers of being deaf

    Braci Pro comes up as a one off purchase for $85 in the UK Play store and Otosense says "This content is not available in your country yet".
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    Hate me?

    Words become offensive because of what they represent to the people offended by them. The R word used to be a perfectly acceptable clinical diagnosis, as did lunatic, Mongol, etc. "Handicapped" is an interesting one because it's still often used in the USA but would get some serious opprobrium...
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    Hate me?

    Yes, that. I think it's easy to accidentally say "I wish I were fully deaf" when having a brutal moment of depression than to tease out that what you actually mean is "I wish one or the other or both communities would accept me". I can't bear the term Hard of Hearing, it's right up there with...
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    Everyday dangers of being deaf

    There's an app called Braci that you can train to listen for different sounds and it will alert you to them. There is a free version which does very little and thinks all sounds are the same (my microwave, my kitchen timer, my vacuum cleaner) but I have been told by a few deaf and blind people...
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    Competitive deafness

    Oh how true. My hearing is mixed so I hear noises from inside myself pretty clearly. My speech is good, though I can't control the volume or tone very well so I get accused of being aggressive quite a lot. A very daft way to judge people.
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    Where can i find new friends

    I'm in need of some friends too. I have very few friends who have stuck it out to bother communicating with me and the ones I do have are now scattered all over the world. I work when most people are at home and I'm at home when everyone else is at work, so I spend a whole lot of time feeling...
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    Everyday dangers of being deaf

    I'd love an app that tells you when you dropped something and which way it went! When my husband drops stuff on the floor it goes bang and he looks straight to where it went. I find out later that I lost things and they could be anywhere. There's already a lot of stuff on the market for fire...
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    Competitive deafness

    Does anyone else find people are always trying to put themeselves somewhere on a ladder of deafness? They are always looking to find out how much you can hear and where you belong on this ladder, and particularly to sort people between the Deaf and the HoH, like there's a given dividing line and...