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    Confession Time :)

    When you hear that whistle you hang your head and cry? :aw:
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    Fort collins

    I only wish I knew more. My sister has many autistic tendencies and medical complications, and she did not communicate very well until a few years ago. My mother did her best to incorporate sign language in our daily lives. We did not live around any who could help us grow as a family in our ASL...
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    Fort collins

    getting connected We are 24. is compromised right now and not really working. When I went to the link, it was selling viagra... Angela (my sister) works in Denver GoodWill and lives in Longmont with my older sister who's an ASL terp but is looking for another place to live...
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    Fort collins

    Hey all, My name is Rachel and I live in Fort Collins, CO. :wave: I'm looking for deaf community in Fort Collins, Longmont, Loveland area. I'm hearing, partially proficient ASL, looking for community for me and my sister who is deaf.