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    Hearing people's view of CI

    For anyone curious, no, I didn't have another post in there somewhere. Just the one to which the above was a response. You thought I was ignorant and patronizing from my post? I'm not trying to educate anyone. I'm just saying that in MY real life, the deaf and hard of hearing have a very...
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    Hearing people's view of CI

    IME, the AD community has a much more Deaf/ASL/deaf school way of looking at things than the d/hh I have met IRL so far. This has surprised me IRL. Maybe I haven't been exposed to enough Deaf d/hh IRL? But, I try to take in the information from everyone on all sides. It all informs how I...
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    bit of a rant with front ensemble technican teacher...

    Is there a Director of the band? Is he/she aware that you are frustrated with the tech? Something we've been saying a lot at work lately when someone is frustrating us with their (poor) communication is, "Help me help you." That is, give me the information I need so that I can give you what...
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    Move Over Domino's!...BK is gonna start delivering....

    Back in 1988, there was a fast food joint in Muncie, IN that would not only deliver food, but take a personal check! I did this at least once while at Ball State University that fall. I want to say it was Rally's, but that might not be correct.
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    IEP help for 2nd grader

    H&V should have resources for you or be able to point you toward some. Ask if they have a "Guide By Your Side" program for school-aged situations.
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    Call from school -- vent

    It is a mainstream classroom. At this point, the main accommodation is a sound field FM system & preferential seating. There are others like having a familiar person test him, extra time for tests, etc. At the next IEP meeting, I will request ASL. I have an idea of how that's going to go over...
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    Call from school -- vent

    As of today, he starts in another classroom at the school. I did some observations in December & we were offerred the opportunity for him to switch to a different teacher. After I watched both teach, we readily consented to his being moved to the other teacher. She has 20+ years experience...
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    Cold Cases

    Yes And it forever shaped me, especially now as a parent. I went to school with one of the victims. While I wouldn't normally cite wikipedia, this entry is pretty up to date based on my recent readings (Detroit newspapers, etc) Oakland County Child Killer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Real "Sybil" was a multiple personality fraud

    jillio, thank you for posting those book titles.
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    Need help with congenital problem...

    I didn't know until last month. I posted in another thread about it: I thought I was missing some speech, so figured I was just having age-related loss. I got it checked out and audi says, not age related, not noise related. Could really be genetic after all.
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    whats wrong with my family?

    Can you turn off the text function on your phone? That would stop it, I think. But maybe it wouldn't inspire them to try voice calling you.:hmm: I tried texting a landline once & got a message back that it was a landline & didn't accept texts.
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    whats wrong with my family?

    Can they use a speech to text app? I think my Droid Charge offers that, but I haven't tried it yet, so not sure if it's any good.
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    Possible Hearing Loss/ Hard of Hearing?? (long)

    Yup. I'm one. I recently noticed difficulty hearing some things & thought I'd have it checked out. Figured it might just be due to getting older (I need bifocals now, too). Nope, not age-related. Not noise-related, either. Saw the audi first. She requested I follow up with an ENT based...
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    childcare cost

    Not exactly. I tend to work from 6:30-3. He works 9-whenever he can get away. So, I can be home in time for school dismissal & son wouldn't have to go to afterschool program. DH could drop him off at playground time before school (30 min before bell) instead of before school program. It...
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    Signing in the car -- how?

    That was very funny. Now, to find a victim... :laugh2: