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    I've had the same ones for 8 years. When I said two years I meant for the last time they did a hearing test. Same HA's for 8 years I should be getting new ones now I just don't know if I want the thing for the tv or the phone. I'd get a new streamer, and one thing either for the phone or tv. Not...
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    You would think? Oticon is my brand. See my signature that's on every post? yea that is what I have right now. I did that so every time I needed to show a picture for the purpose of this site I'd have it handy. yea it's peeling on the left and the right one I can't turn it up or down it doesn't...
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    Can someone please suggest some hearing aid brands. I noticed awhile back that there was a scratch on one of my hearing aids the person at the hearing society said yes it's peeling so that would mean I'm elgiable for new ones possibly(little did they know I'd actually dropped it in the toilet...
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    Whats your ethnic background?

    What about all those in the Foster care system? They couldn't do that smh.
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    Whats your ethnic background?

    In Canada and USA most new couples who adopt only want to adopt smaller children and there just isn't enough. They don't want to have to deal with a teenager. So they just want babies and toddlers which is wrong because I keep hearing on Ricki Lake "Even tho i can't stand her for some reason"...
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    Hearing Interpreters being arrogant

    I know most here are from the USA but me I'm from Canada and different provinces have different agencies. For me here in Ontario the Canadian Hearing Society is the place where I go for my hearing needs. I've been thinking ever since i've gotten this ear infection that i want a terp at my...
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    Where does one meet deaf people?

    I too have trouble finding deaf events but I'm not in Toronto I'm four hours going south. But I will be going to my first volunteer comitee meeting at the CHS in my hometown so hopefully there i can meet with people and also i keep getting told about some event at Boston Pizza.
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    Psychic Who Said Amanda Berry Was Dead Silent After Berry Is Found Alive

    This will come as a shock to some of my friends who saw her live in my hometown.
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    Most Challenging Job You Ever Had...?

    Hey peeps. I'm wondering I have an interview for a volunteer postion on Wed and I'd like some tips. I'm guessing I should wear my hearing aids(but hidden by my hair) and glasses. I don't really need interview questions I just need to know tips on how to act. I'm going to walk there because it...
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    ATTN: Those who wants to do interviews/questions/surveys - Please read this FIRST.

    I'm not really new here been here for awhile but I was rereading the first post and had a suggestion for the new users. My suggestions is if you really want to interview a deaf person. Maybe check your with your state or province and see if they have a place for deaf people example. I go to...
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    Deaf culture - do's and don'ts, etc. Let's make a list!

    One thing that pisses me off is I can hear that my RT(rehab therapist) is saying something behind me if we are walking, but I can't fully understand wait till were inside the place to ask me. I can't hear you from behind. One time it took someone 3 times to get my attention to ask if I wanted...
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    My Tumblr

    Just because I don't want to start a new thread have people seen Ally ASL on youtube she signs all the time, songs. She's deaf and signs all kinds of songs.
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    Hi, im new here and could use some acedemic advice

    Where did I learn Croatian? I'm 50% Croatian on my mom's side. Her whole family was born in Osijek and moved to Canada in 1970. So I'm always learning whether it's finding out how to say something because I want to be a smart aleck or my mom wants to know the word from English to Croatian or...
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    My Tumblr

    yea!!! I put AD (this site) in my pages. So it links straight from my blog to here. and I noticed that DeeAnna. I was so happy when I started getting followers, please spread the word about the blog or make suggestions here on how to make it better. Please it really makes a difference.
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    Most Useful Devices for Deaf People

    I find youtube cc is poor. It doesn't make sense to me at times.