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    *part 2* pictures of children/child

    Alex Pleass may i see this photo again???????
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    *part 2* pictures of children/child

    Please may I see this photo again? Help me please
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    Did the Deaf community respond to negative attitudes?

    Ok Shel90 - fair enough! Also for me, I remember my sister telling me not to get pregnant, because I will never hear baby's crying, it hurt me alot !!!
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    Did the Deaf community respond to negative attitudes?

    Ok - I should write a list about negative attitudes, like how deaf people's reaction to hearie's point of views , "You can't do that, because you are deaf, you shouldnt be driving, work", etc. - do you get my drift?
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    Did the Deaf community respond to negative attitudes?

    Yep, its tough for me to write assessment for my study!!
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    Did the Deaf community respond to negative attitudes?

    Did the Deaf Community respond to negative attitudes? - HOW?:hmm:
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    Michael Parkinson: The deaf are discriminated against

    Very surprised to know about Michael Parkinson's Paternal grandparents!!
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    AllDeaf Forum Random Pictures

    :shock: lovely to see a tiny Owl - (I am addict to buy any Owl ornaments)
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    Child in air traffic tower talking to pilots 'not acceptable'

    Yes, the father should be sack for breaking safety rules!!
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    Disgusting Coworkers

    At my former job, I sewing a frying oil paper filter bags for Fast foods chains, and the ladies' restroom hand dryer is forever broken, so we only using two very small hand towels to dry our hands, imagine the germs and unhygenic in it, and we sew the bags afterwards. One of my workers put a...
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    Dog Drags Newborn From Crib

    Similar story as Azaria Chamberlain's in back in early 1980s with a Dingo (Australian wild dog) took a 6 weeks old baby Azaria from Ayer Rock camping and her body was never found, and her mother Lindy went to Jail and a few years later her jumper suit was found nearby at Ayers Rock, she was...
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    After being in a 8 year relationship would u jump into another relationship quickly?

    Belinda was friend of Tasma and it was her who introduced to him, and they got married, and a few years later Belinda died of cancer in 2006, and one year afterward Andrew and Tasma become an item, and they got married recently. It is nothing wrong with that!!! I am quite sure Belinda would...
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    How come Beagle dog tend to sleep with me? One day Katie will pinch your sexy underwear while your in deep sleep!!!:giggle:
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    Wii Sports

    Why not using wrist strap properly without damage any thing! By the way, I received Wii completely free by winning the competition!!!:lol:
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    workout at home or gym club?

    My family using WiiFit at home!!