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    Does anyone keep "old" c.i. component boxes or should i toss them?

    I had the implant @3 years ago but kept the boxes for all the returns. They're all labeled (by me) w/a date and what the issue was. Is there any valid reason for me to hang on to empty boxes for cables, processors, clips, you name it I've probably returned it. I may have needed the boxes for...
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    Did you know that people who suffer hearing loss are more prone to developing dementia?

    I'm a senior. I was born with a hearing loss at a time it couldn't be diagnosed (doctors thought I was developmentally slow (or whatever the term was back then)). A parent just went to a store one day and purchased a HA when I was @10. My school grades went from potentially being held back a...
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    Problems with Advanced Bionics Naida CI

    Bleeding Purist: Thanks for the quick hope. But I contacted the DME dept. there (xxx medical equipment) and they do not care about lack of quality and the ongoing parts failure - they're interested in fraud. There isn't anything out there about a five-year warranty. Right now, all we can do...
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    Problems with Advanced Bionics Naida CI

    I haven't been here for some years. Now, I'd like to add a couple of updates as I'm still having problems with the processor and I use the drier as directed. Thank southpaw for the recommendation. southpaw is right. The company just sends replacement parts and I never knew what the failure...
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    Problems with Advanced Bionics Naida CI

    I've had so many issues with the Naida processor and peripherals that I'm keeping track of them in a spreadsheet. A month or so ago, I received a letter from AB stating they were extending the warranty 1 or 2 years due to the reports of problems they have. My headpieces have both been replaced...
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    Only for Deaf (as in always) - Can you understand music?

    Glad you learned to play the bass - that's pretty darn cool. I played the cello and loved it, too. Thanks, Bottesini.
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    Only for Deaf (as in always) - Can you understand music?

    I disagree with your analogy (other than Alex would shut this down). It's not as simple with someone born deaf. That's why the School for the Deaf handed out balloons to feel vibrations and power-blasted the speakers. Even without hearing now, I feel rhythm. Even without hearing, I had a...
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    Only for Deaf (as in always) - Can you understand music?

    You wear name-calling through ignorance well. There are a number of things the fetus can sense in the womb. That's why mothers-to-be read, sing, and talk to the fetus. Now, I will lead myself from temptation and end this.
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    Hearing Impairment Within the Kitchen Environment

    napolicapitale: You could smell me from Italy? Great nose. A waterfall was the first place I went with someone eons ago on a date. The sound was peaceful and I could hear it back then.
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    Hearing Impairment Within the Kitchen Environment

    1. Pre-implant, I couldn't hear a timer, so I didn't use them. I had a lot of burned food. 2. I've left water running. Solution: Put up a which piece of paper to tell my brain it's there for a reason - check the water. How do you know when the microwave has beeped? Without the implant, I...
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    What would you do if your car broke down?

    We kept AAA even though we both got new cars last year that fall under the Hyundai/Kia warranties. I'd get someone to call a tow for me and figure out how to get a ride home later.
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    Are there any hearing aids that will give me what I'm looking for?

    Hellloooo: I believe corporations and companies know what customers want. But the companies' needs are more important, therefore don't care. They funnel us to cochlear implants (big money). They herd us to pay more for digital aids when a sufficient number of us are fine with analogs. If we...
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    Again??....George Zimmerman arrested on assault charge

    Right, rockin'robin. He should've been put away the first time unless we take a vote and allow vigilantes to rule us (which could be better than being ruled by Washington). We are a joke.
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    Apple sued over iOS8 storage

    That's one reason why I'm so annoyed at Apple. I loathe Windows (it would be worse than Apple) but I also loathe what Apple is now. The forcing stuff "down" is typical but not being able to delete the OS or whatever they're trying to cram into us is not. Where's another choice out there -...