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    My son gets sick almost every 2 wks

    Not normal at all. Is he suffering from anxiety at all? Consider allergy testing as that could also be an issue.
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    Wanting to learn more about Deaf culture

    There are groups on Facebook for hard if hearing and deaf to chat, those may I find we are always fighting to be accepted by the hearing community. Some prefer to avoid us completely, others do not have patience to rephrase something we've misunderstood. My family and friends...
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    How do deaf people talk louder?

    How does that work for loudness? This is the first time I heard of this method.
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    Advice on including a hearing-impaired person in a story

    Well I am hard of hearing with a profound high frequency deafness all my life. Personally I take offense to your take in deaf speak...we use proper Eng!ish and are not language deficient. Most of my my total deaf encounters know proper English. ASL uses hands to speak so it does not follow...
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    How do deaf people talk louder?

    Everyone differs. I tend to talk too loud. This is normal because we usually cannot tell how softly or loudly we speak ... I ask people tp.just motion with their hands to increase it decrease my volume. Not easy for any of us, though.
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    What are other ways to earn extra money in addition to your full-time job?

    Crafts and hobbies with products to sell .
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    What can we do?

    No. I will seek to join it! Thanks!
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    What can we do?

    I have Oticon hearing aids now. Have worn different brands including Starkey in the past. This is meant as a general topic. Changes are needed to help all of us.
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    What can we do?

    Given most insurance plans either do not cover hearing aids for both ears or even have a partial coverage whereas insurance may offer a set fee towards a hearing aid, what can we do to change this? In the US Vocational Rehabilitation will only cover hearing aids if you have a full time job...
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    Anyone know MS meetings group for studying bible

    What is a MS group? Multiple Sclerosis?
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    New to the Deaf world

    They will welcome you. Even though you may feel.that you don't need it, I would also recommend seeing a counselor since this is so new to you, they may point you to various groups and services near where you live.
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    lv decided on no hearing aids or operations.

    I don't put mine in unless I'm going out or expecting company. Those hearing cannot begin to comprehend what we go thru every day!
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    New and needing help ...

    The biggest issue is dealing with the extra sound and so how long you have been deaf does matter. I had a hearing aid that allowed too much sound to come in and was unable to recognize the different sounds for voices, only because that person insisted on that aid being what I needed. Needless...
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    How to get involved with the Deaf community?

    What works is to check with your community -- the city clerk's office first. Then check with the local schools, ask for the social workers and/or special education teachers if the school operators can't give you an answer. Next check with the hearing aid dealers, they will usually know of...
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    how the heck does one deaf guy dates?

    Join, join, and join in any and all clubs and organizations that interest you. Also participate in church activities. Check with your local government clerk to see if there are any deaf organizations where you live or nearby. Also check with local colleges to see if they have deaf or hard of...