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    lv decided on no hearing aids or operations.

    I don't put mine in unless I'm going out or expecting company. Those hearing cannot begin to comprehend what we go thru every day!
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    New and needing help ...

    The biggest issue is dealing with the extra sound and so how long you have been deaf does matter. I had a hearing aid that allowed too much sound to come in and was unable to recognize the different sounds for voices, only because that person insisted on that aid being what I needed. Needless...
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    How to get involved with the Deaf community?

    What works is to check with your community -- the city clerk's office first. Then check with the local schools, ask for the social workers and/or special education teachers if the school operators can't give you an answer. Next check with the hearing aid dealers, they will usually know of...
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    how the heck does one deaf guy dates?

    Join, join, and join in any and all clubs and organizations that interest you. Also participate in church activities. Check with your local government clerk to see if there are any deaf organizations where you live or nearby. Also check with local colleges to see if they have deaf or hard of...
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    Picking a new hearing aid

    Actually, my medicare does cover hearing aids. It depends on the insurance plan you select. I have a supplement to the regular BCN Advantage plan that covers vision, dental and hearing aids. As for consultant fees, many offer free testing but you have to watch for those advertisements, and...
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    Picking a new hearing aid

    I never thought abou I never thought about allergies to the earmolds, themselves. My issue is not every day or even every week, just sometimes. Finally getting used to those ear buds!
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    Picking a new hearing aid

    That depends on the salesperson - source. You really should just see an audiologist and go from there for hearing aid recommendations. They will assess your need and then test various aids on you to see what works best. If you are able -- state medicare may help pay for one, the state office...
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    Handicapped Parking Permits & Deaf people

    Not everything is visible. Though they may seem to be getting them for their hearing, they probably have other health issues. Arthritis in the joints may make walking difficult, a hyper-sensitivity to certain noises or places, anxiety, heart issues, mental health problems all contribute to...
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    ASL is good in so many places, hearing places where the deaf may need help for one major example. You are certainly allowed to help him. Look for deaf groups in your community, check with your city clerk's office for them as well as the local school's social workers. Some churches use signers...
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    Ear Canal itches or feels full...

    Never heard of Debrox ear drops. Are they an over the counter item? Maybe I should check with my local drug store for them. I have used peroxide for cleansing but it is hard to do it to myself, even though it always works and helps.
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    Ear Canal itches or feels full...

    So what do you do when after putting in that hearing aid you find your ear feels like it's itchy or maybe like your ear is blocked? when that happens to me I just pull out my ear buds --- new hearing aid doesn't use ear molds, just a little so air can get in again. But seriously, what do you...
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    Are you "embarrassed" by your hearing loss?

    While I do use humor around family and friends, I find with unknowns I try to fit in so I pretend to follow conversations that I don't totally understand and I laugh with the group even tho I don't know what they laugh at. With my family and friends that isn't needed. So I guess I am a little...
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    Are you "embarrassed" by your hearing loss?

    I found it is more often funny as opposed to humiliating. Got a few stories where I thought they said and nope it was this... that resulted in some funny events/conversations. Humor always opens doors.
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    HoH and feeling a bit isolated

    I had no idea that there was such a device as a Pocket Talker. I think that will help me too. Glad you mentioned it.
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    How to get involved with the Deaf community?

    To find groups of HoH and Deaf people, do a few different things. Ask you audiologist. Check with the public schools in your area- those speech teachers may know of groups. Also check with your local municipal government -- city clerk etc, Then consider asking the local senior centers if they...