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    Goal of the day

    Excerise and do some weight training along with vaccuuming and do water changes in the fish tanks
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    Where's sono?

    Interesting. Bring on the ban stick!
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    Family that do not come see you

    Agreed 100%,I am starting to fade away from my family on both sides as I don't bother trying anymore
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    Goal of the day

    My goal of Thanksgiving is not to overeat. Every single year my tummy hurts as I forget how much I eat little of everything everyone brings. And try not to kill a relative or two. Maybe bop one on the head with a pan? Lol
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    Where are you from?

    A fishbowl
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    AllDeaf Memorial

    I remember mah lei I am not sure if she died before the changeover and we had to re-register or I got the username spelling wrong Her avatar was a dog moving back and forth
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    Medical cannabis now legal?

    Honestly don't care about it being legal or not legal. Its pros and cons both ways. Its never a fair shake
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    Goal of the day

    Goal today. Self care. Sleep at least 7 hours, shower, be nice to people and go to work not call in sick
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    What are you doing right now? Part II

    Thinking of trying to sleep
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    Whats your motivation to get up in the mornings?

    Motivation to get up is the urge to go to the Bathroom™
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    How are you feeling today? Part II

    Allergies and ready to tackle the days plan
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    Goal of the day

    Clean and post two items on ebay to declutter my storage boxes a bit more as well as shred the nonessential paperwork and file the rest. Getting in fish today too so got to make sure they're healthy too.
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    Goal of the day

    Excerise and do leg strengthening workout
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    Las vegas

    Deaf chat coffee? Nevada deaf association? Check calendars online?
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    How to address a coworker faking her hearing loss

    Yep agree @Reba Nothing I can do at this point but go elsewhere. a lot of us left its time for me to just follow others out of the door for a new Adventure like the staff that left already. Just hope I figure it out sooner than later. Changes does not come easy for me for sure