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    dykes vs lipstick les

    Love is important than a LOOK. I don't mind to date any but not too GIRLY or too BUTCH.
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    Howdy from Missouri!

    Howdy from Missouri. Welcome
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    Hello from Missouri

    Hello from St Louis, MO. I come here very rarely. All I know you can meet up at Greater St Louis for the Deaf in Maryland Height, MO or St Louis Bell Club in Kirkwood, MO. We also have Deaf Inc for deaf service, too. You may PM me to get my attention here.
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    Calling All Deaf Musicians!

    played Flute, Piano, and Volin in long time ago. I not play those then. I am profounded DEAF. Also, I still write song...
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    Sign for Prom from show Switched at Birth

    Used spelled P R O M or "dance" in my school years... never sign.
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    Hoping to use ASL on a Caribbean cruise!

    Royal Caribbean already deaf friendly. We all about 3,000 deafies went on 2007 (deaf freedom). It was blast! They all know ASL. I am sure any cruise is very aware about deaf groups or deaf couple comes on cruise that need some requires.
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    Is there an AD memorial page for past AD members?

    had AD members who passed away by AD member made thread that was many years ago.... We have memorial for them few times then it becomes fade...short. Sorry we cant bring them back.
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    Mainstreamed or Deaf School?

    went to mainstreamed school all my life.
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    Dating sites for deaf butch/femmes? it is not fancy yet because it is beginning. welcome to join.
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    Dating sites for deaf butch/femmes?

    I have it set up more than last 10 years ago... no one appears so there is BF site, most of them are hearing BF. If you think should have set deaf BF and can get it. Hope you can find someone who been doing it....if not, let me know in PM.
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    I went to public school all my life. I can not think what is different between deaf school and mainstreamed. I know there is deaf education program in public school and some deaf accepted to be in mainstreamed like me. Some deaf does not accepted in mainstreamed like my other friends who...
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    Single 21 y/o female hearing but fluent in ASL and SEE

    I used SEE before learning ASL. I am PSL because I still use SEE to my parents but Using ASL with friends and everyone. I already said Welcome!
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    Single 21 y/o female hearing but fluent in ASL

    Hello and welcome.
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    Sign for Panera Bread?

    You know ARCH in St Louis? I had my forearm and other hand starts with S sign the arch to wrist end with L.
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    Sign for Panera Bread?

    I use the sign for St Louis Bread aka Panera Bread. Lucky here, easy sign