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    Deaf "mother-in-law" in Southern Mississippi

    I found an ASL class here on the coast! Just waiting for the next round of classes to start. Thank you for all your help! The contact Buffalo found actually connected me to it!
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    Deaf culture - do's and don'ts, etc. Let's make a list!

    What about a hearing spouse asking another hearing spouse to be interpreter for their parent? Is that looked down on? I am seeking help in learning Sign Language, but until I get a understanding should I stick to pen and paper? I don't want to be rude.
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    Deaf "mother-in-law" in Southern Mississippi

    My boyfriend's mother was born deaf. He and I are hearing, my mother was an interpreter for the deaf a long time ago and other then that I have had no exposure to the deaf community. My boyfriend and I are planning on spending our lives together and I would definitely love to learn ASL so...