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    Faking conversations?!

    The situation tonight is where they are all talking about something and then ask me what I think, and of course I look lost because most of them are facing away from me and I can't directly hear them talk. I said a general response like usually do in situations, but I got caught because they...
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    What did you learn today?

    Today, I learned that if you act like you can hear what is being in a conversation and get found out, you get made fun of even though the people you are having dinner with know you are hard of hearing. Kinda lame but it is what I have to deal with and I bet some others have to deal with all the...
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    Faking conversations?!

    Have any of you faked a conversation and acted liked you heard what was going on because you felt embarrassed that you could not hear what was going on in what was talking about? This happened to me tonight and I got caught because no one was talking loud enough and I got made fun of because of...
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    Yea buying a classic car to restore or just have is a HUGE game changer in a relationship.I had a 1969 Mach 1 Mustang that my father and I restored and it cost a pretty penny but I ended up selling it once I went into the military. I was never able to really enjoy it. Derek, If you buy the car...
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    Derek, that is an epic idea!
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    What are you doing right now?

    Watching Bug Juice while finishing my last 9 days on my African Deployment, just trying to kill time! 170 days down and 9 to go, woot woot!
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    What are the random thoughts, ideas and things you do when you do or come up during the day? I know I surf all the time and shop for dumb things and then empty the cart at the end of the day. I am also constantly read the news, I am obsessed with knowing whats going on in the...
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    I have many tattoos and I am always looking and planning my next one. Mushy, you have an excellent tattoo and it is an inspiration to me, thanks!
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    Looking for a friend! I am Deaf

    Im looking for a friend as well, Im HoH Hey there I would love to become friends with you, chat and what not, and mostly importantly, learn from you. Let me know if you would interested in chatting, take care, Ryan
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    Hi all, New here!

    Hey Everyone, I am Ryan and I new here so I'd thought I would drop a line to intro myself and try to get a feel for the site. I am active USAF and I am HOH (due to work/Iraq incident) and possibly on the verge of losing more of my hearing in the future, which I have been told. I have taken it...