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    Job interview

    I recently went to an online adult toy store for an interview job, and my position is: online mail customer service. Let me go home and wait for the news. I am a little nervous now! ! Hope to pass the interview and participate in the work
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    Who can accept long distance relationship?

    No, I do not accept long-distance love. That would make me feel empty. I am a more realistic person and need a woman to satisfy it. If you have a long-distance relationship, it means that I can only use a masturbation device to satisfy myself. That's a bad experience
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    Anyone women any ages Hawaii dating!!

    is this real? If it is true, I can end my decades of masturbation career. Thank you for letting me know that women in Hawaii accept dates.
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    Hello all single deaf women 23-30

    No, I'm not good, no woman wants to be friends with me. Every time I only use a masturbation cup to solve my physical needs. Do you understand that feeling?
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    Hello, I am single too!
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    Surfing a dating site.

    These online sites are deceptive, most of which are bots chatting with you
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    Its time for me to look for hoh boyfriend. Im deaf from Philippines

    The online website is terrible. Should participate more in the club. You can make a lot of friends.
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    What do you do for living?

    Try a new direction? I think the sex toy industry may be more suitable for you. Hahahahaha. Can let people open up new worlds!!