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    Cost of Ear Molds/ what is better hard or soft for profound loss?

    My audiologist likes to make his own hard ear molds and often "sells" his brand with a promise that I would like them as well as that they would last longer. I had them as a child and didn't like them. I have worn a semi soft/hard for years and a hypo allergenic brand. I love it but I also...
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    Earmold question

    I have a full earmold ( no dome and will not work for me ) and recently in this last year my inner ear has become very itchy. The earnold is fairly new and is starting to show signs of pitting from the itchy ear as I have tried to treat my inner itchy ear with Neosporin and Hydrocortisone. Is...
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    What are you doing right now? Part II

    Crocheting baby blanket for my first grandchild. :)
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    Where is everyone from?

    I am from Stafford, Virginia. Its the longest home I have had since my husbands retirement from the USAF.
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    Person Below Me

    When I get stuck in traffic I usually will just observe what's going on around me.. if I know its going to be a long wait in traffic I will call ( fact time )my mother or with my bestie ( hands free of course ). TTPBM: Are you close to your siblings?
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    Earmold question

    All~ Went back to the Audi. Showed him the difference and was surprised. Called the manufacture who made them and offered me another pair free of cost. These came back in a pink flesh color and much better than the previous white silicone I had been using. They still could not offer as to why...
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    Polar Vortex and ears feel full. Anyone else ?

    I wear BTE with full molds and my ears feel full, slightly sore and won’t pop. Can this polar vortex cause this ? All was fine until yesterday.
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    Earmold question

    thanks~! I am currently experiencing itchy and flaking in the ear that the mold changed colors.. It was very unusual that in a day that only one changed colors.
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    Low end BTE?

    I am still wearing my analog Rextons mini for my profound hearing loss. Love them. Simple and no technological gimmicks. There’s a gentleman out of Florida that seemingly can repair hearing aids, Hal Fishbein ( not sure on the correct spelling of last name ) and also if you can get your...
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    Earmold question

    42 years of wearing earmolds experience but I came home in new molds and found that one turned yellow. I understand that over time that silicone will change color as well as wax from your ears will make your molds change . Anyone experience this ? Just frustrated with the Audiologists who can’t...
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    What is your favorite homemade meal?

    Good ole okra seafood gumbo with rice and fried shrimp on top.
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    Couch to 5k App

    Hello all, Does anyone have a recommended app that allows a hard of hearing person to use a couch to 5 K app? I am interested in running and trying to use my iPhone as an helpful tool to achieve my goal. I get the feeling I may just have to find a personal trainer for this help or try to do...
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    Person Below Me

    Some boutiques, yes, especially in small home towns. Its nice, small and quaint. Now that I have my passport I am ready to find some out of the country. TPBM~ Do you have your passport and where would you go?
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    What has happened to all the ad members? :(

    I come on here once in a while.
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    Just found out...

    Thoughts and prayers are with you .