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    World Cup Soccer 2010!!!

    No England needs to win the cup!!! They will be lucky to make it semis though GD has really screwed us over. NOT ENOUGH GOALS. C'mon ENGLAND
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    Made it!

    Made it through the labyrinthectomy! Its been two weeks and the vertigo is finally slowing down and I am feeling better. In fact when the vertigo isn't present it's the best I have felt in 2 years! I am getting use to being deaf in the left ear. It isn't as bad as I thought. Thanks for all the...
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    Going for surgery (labyrintheectomy) on Tuesday at 9:30 am. Happy thoughts for me please ~ Meg
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    Drive thru

    Do deaf people order through the drive thru? If so, how? Just curious what my future holds. I travel a lot and I love Sonic drinks.
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    Deaf vs HOH

    Deaf people are very proud of their culture!!! This past month I have learned a lot and have become proud as well. I just did not want to cross a line. Being on this site, ASL and meeting deaf people have really made the loss of my hearing a lot easier. Thank you everyone! Bottesini thank you...
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    Deaf vs HOH

    Ok what about with hearing people? If I tell them I am hard of hearing they yell at me if I tell the I am deaf they point. Will this offend the deaf people I am with?
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    Deaf vs HOH

    Bottesini with that smarts!!! I am having a Labrynthectomy! they remove the whole inside of the ear
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    Deaf vs HOH

    The Dr is gutting my left ear (so it will dead) on the 25th and I am very hard of hearing in my right ear. The hearing aid helps some. So am I deaf or hoh? I don't know what to say it's still so new to me. I meeting deaf people and making friends but I do not know how to label myself AND I do...
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    Last Movie You Watched?

    Fantastic Mr Fox. Wes Anderson is amazing if you don't know his work,you must!!! Thank me later
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    What is your profession?

    Marketing State Lottery
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    Thank you very much! I am learning every day! I appreciate it!
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    What did you learn today?

    Thanks for looking out for TXgolfer!!! My family went to 4 different doctors and the Mayo clinic and I have in both ears. HOWEVER I would like to chat to you about it more. Bottesini thanks for being lovely! Tomorrow will be a new day. Think happy thoughts for me on the 2nd!
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    What did you learn today?

    Thanks! It isn't working for me. I do find comfort here and in ASL. I actually love it makes me feel better. I am just afraid of going deaf and I can't stop it. I'm just going to get over it. i am tired of being sad. So I am going to start over. I am a bore on this site!!! Everything I post is...
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    What did you learn today?

    I will have to live with this disease forever and I will go deaf there is no stopping it AND I will just have to help myself.
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    Thanks still new at this! I guess I don't know what I am doing huh? I am just eager for info I am running out of time. I don't know where else to look or ask. Thank you for the info and for being nice.