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    AllDeaf Movie Game

    Kingdom of Heaven with Jeremy Irons who was in ....
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    AllDeaf Movie Game

    King Kong with Naomi Watts who was in ....
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    AllDeaf Movie Game

    Wrongfully Accused with Kelly LeBrock who was in ....
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    Ruler War

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    Ruler War

    7 feet? :P
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    AllDeaf Movie Game

    Mr. Mom with Teri Garr who was in ....
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    Greetings from San Diego, California

    Hi and :welcome: to AD! Hope this forum will help you in lots of ways and have fun reading & posting in the threads of interest. :)
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    AllDeaf Movie Game

    The Fly with Geena Davis who was in ....
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    Who likes scented candles?

    How does that work? ... smell as like in soap?
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    AllDeaf Movie Game

    Forget About It with Robert Loggia who was in ....
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    Lost cat returned home after nine years

    Awww, that's wonderful! We're hoping for our Maine Coone cat to come back, been missing 5 years. Been with us 7.5 years and then he disappeared ... possibly 'cat'napped, who knows.
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    Deaf Community Responds To Reading Level Comment

    You hit the nail on the head ... that's perfectly said! :)
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    Have a wonderful day, DD! :)
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    AllDeaf Movie Game

    Twenty Good Years with John Lithgow who was in ....
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    Informing people you read lips

    Same here ... I wait and then I start to answer, then they realize that I am deaf with a "German" deaf accent.