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    Can *all* deaf people read and write?

    Can all deaf people read & write!, bit of an odd question & almost insulting to some as basic education or the lack of it, has no connection to deafness in my opinion. However in saying that, I never learnt to read & write till I was in my early 20's, I never actually went to school & had very...
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    We are not alone.

    Your stories are always interesting & worth a read, keep em coming my friend!.:cheers:
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    What mobile games are your playing during CoViD-19 Lockdown?

    Due to the Covid lockdowns & getting bored out of my head, although not on mobile, I dug out my old PS2 a while back, I'm replaying "Resident Evil 4", pretty good game also a few Need for Speed games, haven't played these for nearly 10 years. I used to be quite an avid gamer, especially with...
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    Are you joking!

    Did you hear about the deaf man who got a ticket? It’s ok he didn’t either!. Two years ago, my doctor told me I was going deaf, I haven’t heard from him since. I wrote a terrible joke about deaf people, I’m just glad they’ll never hear it. Angus is a bit short of money so he rings his friend...
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    We are not alone.

    Ladies & Gentlemen!, we are not alone!. Famous deaf & hoh people Ludwig Van Beethoven, arguably the most famous he was a German pianist born in 1770, and is regarded as the Greatest Classical Composer ever...
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    Are you joking!

    Hiya Malus, I'm not too sure, I've only been hoh for around 2 years & have an excellent hearing aid, so I haven't learnt any BSL or ASL, so have little knowledge of what's out there for musical signage, but I'm sure there must be, just a case of Googling, it would be nice if there is.
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    New to ASL

    Welcome to Alldeaf, Shayde!.
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    What are you doing right now? Part II

    Looking out the window into my garden, wondering if this rain will ever stop, I love the rain, just watching it run down the window pane is actually nice & kinda soothing, yeah weird thing to say, maybe I'm just a weird person.:D
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    Are you joking!

    Hey Malus, that's awesome, that's the best music related humour I've heard in a long while.:rofl: You do need to understand the music scales & notations to get that humour ( I used play the piano many years back ):wiggle:
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    Very nice profile pic!, is my coffee ready yet!. :hyper:

    Very nice profile pic!, is my coffee ready yet!. :hyper:
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    Hi y’all. I just joined

    Hey Coffee!, haven't I seen you before!, oh yes right here!.:h5:
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    Hello again :)

    Hey Flowers, welcome back to Alldeaf.:wave:
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    Dropping by to say hello!

    Hey Candybrowneyes, welcome back to Alldeaf. :h5:
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    Job interview

    Omg that's bad, well it's their loss by rejecting a potentially good confident worker. The key here is try not to make your hoh an issue for them, state it only if asked but point out it's not going to be a problem providing you're given a chance, be confident & assertive.
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    Are you joking!

    Better late than never. :mrgreen: If a Deaf child swears does his mother wash his hands with soap and water? Deafness is becoming quite a problem for me. I never thought I would hear myself say that. Question: How do you stop Deaf people arguing...