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    best text phone for deaf?

    There are pros/cons of the multiple platforms. But Android has had a number of provisions for the deaf: * Android Live Transcribe (to display captions) * Built-in live closed captioning (to caption uncaptioned videos) For example...
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    AI Transcribers are Weird! (accurate at 300wpm, bad at 20wpm) -- Opposite of 1990s Dragon Dictate

    AI transcribers versus human stenographers Today's new speech-to-text transcribers are so vastly superior -- for 300wpm-speech situations, I find they can now outperform the speed of stenographers (in lecture / classroom / fast-speaker situations of common topics such as sales projections or...
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    2020 Upgrades: Canada IP-Relay Now Much Better (Rogers, Bell, Telus, etc)

    No but you can build something similar to Sorenson. You can create your own home-made video relay service now! Or your own home-made Captioned Telephone. No operator needed. I just use or to realtime-caption my Skype calls (both Audio or Video) and Facebook...
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    2020 Upgrades: Canada IP-Relay Now Much Better (Rogers, Bell, Telus, etc)

    Hello, The new upgraded Canada IP-Relay clients used by Rogers and Bell Canada are much better and more smartphone-friendly! 1. The IP-Relay website is now responsive, can zoom properly (make fonts big) with Chrome zoom. 2. Works perfectly in mobile web browsers including iPhone and Android...
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    WebCaptioner: Free Live Transcribe for big screen TVs and laptops

    I can accurately capture a teachers voice if I sit in the front row and use a good microphone. Preferably directional so I'm not picking much classroom chatter behind me. Alternatively, Otter has a fantastic feature where you can use a 2nd phone as a cordless microphone. 1. Both devices (the...
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    WebCaptioner: Free Live Transcribe for big screen TVs and laptops

    Also..... I'm also even using it to caption Skype calls / FaceTime calls / Facebook Video calls Doing this for video calls is a bit complicated but it's like Captioned Telephone, but with video -- and can be used by anybody in any country in the world (because it uses the free Google Captioning...
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    WebCaptioner: Free Live Transcribe for big screen TVs and laptops

    WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT, You are all misunderstanding me I'm not talking about closed captioning for TV. I'm talking about real-time captioning for speaking. Like an interpretor! Like people speaking in the same room in front of the TV, and the TV automatically captioning your friend/family in...
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    Captioned Theatre

    There's a free service now,
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    WebCaptioner: Free Live Transcribe for big screen TVs and laptops

    There's a great new captioning tool: This is like Live Transcribe except it works on big-screen televisions -- connect your laptop to any big screen. You simply open the website on a laptop and it will automatically caption everything that goes into the computer's microphone...
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    Suggestions for best mic for Live Transcribe

    Dual microphone handhelds work the best with transription apps. Some phones and tablets have built-in noise-cancelling dual microphones that work really well. I use the iPhone/iPad equivalent of Live Transcribe called "" (it's also available for Android and Laptop too). It works great...
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    Multiple Doorbell Flashers Sharing The Same Doorbell Button?

    Smarthome kits can do it too! HomeKit, Google Home, Zigbee, etc. Some of the wifi light bulbs (e.g. IKEA WiFi light bulb for only 10 dollars). You can have an unlimited number of lights flash to a doorbell Sometimes cheaper and easier to buy, just choose a well supported hub.
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    Deaf-Friendly Driving Schools?

    I only used interpreters in classroom, not in car, You can also use the “Otter” app as an iPad/Laptop free classroom interpreter so nobody needs to be in the classroom. A classroom voice-to-text interpreter for free! For driving behind wheel, I used a good defensive driving school in Canada...
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    Alert systems that work in power outages?

    My alerting system is my Amazfit Bip smartwatch. Save money by going with industry standard stuff. Just set up your house with ordinary automation (the Apple HomeKit stuff, the Google Home stuff, the Amazon Alex stuff). I'd suggest something that also has Zigbee compatibility. Those IKEA...
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    Vibrating Alarm Clock

    I use one too! Love it, 3-to-4 week battery life, never bring my smartwatch charger on my trips! I only wish the alarm was more persistent (more than 12 vibrates). I solve that in advance before bed by setting 10 alarms (every 3-to-5 minutes) if I have to catch an airplane flight. That...
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    need a text-to-speech app for cell phone.

    That worked. External device pointing at speakers. Although an Android phone is cheap, you can use any 2nd device now, doesn't have to be a phone. If you have an iPad or laptop lying around, just use that. Any screen can caption with Otter. Just type "" on that screen...