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    Cochlear Implants

    A bit off topic but is the deaf community aware of Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones? $47 - $175 models. Before very expensive and complicated digitized volume control hearing aids or digitized CI's are used, these WBCH's and devices should be experimented with. Deaf with some speech...
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    Funny Gifs/Pics

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    meniere's disease

    Have you checked for a malleus bone fracture? Wireless Bone Conduction headphones are great, and a Woojer Strap works really well too. 40 hz is soothing for tinnitus.
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    Funny Gifs/Pics

    Sphincter check
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    Funny Gifs/Pics

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    All-time favorite Video Games

    Just got "Woojer", played some games and listened to Pink Floyd with this thing on my chest. Fantastic! I am SSD, with little hearing in good ear, I use an open ear, wireless bone conduction headphones, and along with Woojer, the feeling is so fine. Check it out.
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    Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

    Any body who wants to "cypher" the world a little bit better, with any kind of phone, needs to experiment with these low cost, high quality, "OPEN EAR", headphones, which can be paired up to any telephone, or tablet. You can ware two of them, and really multitask hands free.
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    Need help/recommendations for watching TV/movies

    I became SSD 11 years ago when granite slabs fell off a truck and struck me to the ground, when I came to at the hospital I realized that, among other things, broken hips and legs, the hearing in my right ear was gone. My bones finally healed but I had a serious TBI, and was SSD. I struggled to...
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    Need help/recommendations for watching TV/movies

    I am SSD and these wireless bone conduction headphone(s) changed my life, check them out, I hope this helps...
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    Does body heat affect hearing aids, such as sweat?

    I went SSD in the instant that a load of granite slabs fell off a truck and struck me down. When I woke up in the hospital, the doctors realized that my right ear was completely dead (possible fractured bones in the inner ear), and my only good ear, (which I had some hearing loss in due to...
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    Isolated and Angry

    My friend did this when she went deaf, I told her to go down to the shelter. She went down to the shelter with her favorite book, sat down, and started reading to the dogs. Certain dogs would sit and listen to her, instead of barking or pacing, and after awhile she picked one and it became a...
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    Tinnitus is driving me crazy

    I also wear an ear plug in my good ear, my other ear is dead, from a real bad concussion. At night I put my bone conduction headphones over the ear plug and put on some A 432 instrumental music on low, and it lulls me to sleep. I also use a 432 tuning fork placed on my forehead, and listen to...
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    What was the last movie you watched?

    This movie came on TCM, at 3 in the morning, 2 days after Jeffery Epstein supposed to have died. Hollywood Babalon
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    Looking for Single Sided Deaf (SSD) people to chat with about sound localization

    In the "Hunting" world, you use all your senses to track your prey, but the sense of smell and the hearing are most important. With no sense of smell, and SSD, (maybe connected to inner ear being destroyed), I feel like bait when I'm out and about in public, but I have adjusted to this new...
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    Looking for Single Sided Deaf (SSD) people to chat with about sound localization

    I did not become SSD over time, I was in a real bad accident, where I got a sever TBI, and when I woke up in the hospital I had only one (inner) ear. The people in the room were talking to me but unless I could see the person or people, eye ball to eyeball, I could not decipher all the words...