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    What was the last movie you watched?

    Dark Passage, 1947, Bogart, Becall.
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    Do deaf folks consider themselves disabled?

    Having very unequal hearing, say 90/10, or in my case, no hearing at all in my right ear, is VERY DISABLING because you can't instantly "localize", which is a Most important thing for survival. (If you have hardly any hearing in either ear, all is quiet, which isn't a bad thing, because there...
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    Does body heat affect hearing aids, such as sweat?

    Off subject, but thought I'd ask, Do they make "Hearing" Ade, for people with only one ear? Not being able to localize sounds, is very hard on the psyche, and all the sounds try to get in all at once, all the time.
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    School music teacher with a few questions...

    When I lost 100% of my hearing in one ear to a TBI, the volume in the other ear went up 100%, and I could no longer 'Localize sounds, to the point of total distraction. All verbal sounds were now confusing unless I got myself in front of a person, with eye contact, and concentrated on their one...
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    Hearing Loss & Dementia

    Every "Blow" to the skull, I think, causes Tinnitus in different forms. Some low and dull, some high and sharp and screeching, but It seems to linger on and on and on. My "Bell" was rung big time, on Feb. 6th, 1968, when a "sapper" crawled into our bomb dump in Chu Lai Vietnam, and blew...
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    Half Deaf

    Has anybody out there, lost 100% of hearing in one ear, due to a TBI? Like to Talk
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    Questions about ASL...

    Watch the corners of his eyes and the corners of his mouth, that's where, along with the hands, the true meaning comes. I would like to see more songs put to ASL like Brandon Kazen-Maddox does. I think a good song to put to ASL is "Eye in The Sky", by the Alan Parsons Group. Videos like...
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    Out of place

    with these really small headphones, you can really feel the vibrations in your finger tips, and on your skull. experiment, and be curious.
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    We are not alone.

    I have a friend who was a long haul trucker, and some times he drove "tripples", as if doubles were easy. Cant even imagine,. "PAYING ATTENTION" is what you guys did, no matter how many axels you were flying. "Paying Attention"(be the PIC ), and "Conformation Bias" (Media), are to totally...
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    Are you joking!

    Question: Could a Deaf from birth person "feel",(or "hear through their skull)", the vibrations of a tuning fork held in their teeth.? and if they could, differentiate the different tuning forks. I am HOH, and my favorite tuning is A-432. This would be good to help others know music better...
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    Military Service Connected Hearing Loss

    I worked on fighter jets also (F-4, A-6, F-8, and UH1), during my time in Vietnam, 1967-1969. The F-4 Phantom, and the whup, whup of the UH1, destroyed my overall hearing, but it largely went unattended to because I was alive!, and could "hear" just OK. In early Feb. 1968, an explosion at the...
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    Are you joking!

    Could this be put into ASL, so others could enjoy the Visual of it too?
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    Are you joking!

    If You Like Music, here's one. come to think about it, this could be a "Deaf" bartender, speaking in sign to his deaf customers. C, E-Flat, and G, go into a bar. The bartender says, "we don't serve minors", so E-Flat leaves, and C and G, share an open Fifth between them. After a few drinks...
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    It's a go! I have a surgery date!

    Did they scan for a "Closed Bone" fracture, of the skull? They can be very very small. (They missed mine at first). Also, did they scan for, what is called a "Malleus fracture". From the National Library of Medicine : "Head trauma with skull base fracture was the most frequent cause of...
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    Hearing Loss & Dementia

    Oops, I must have typed the url in wrong....Help