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    Like for my cat

    Hey! I’m HoH and for every like this gets I tell my cat she’s a good girl.
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    I love my dog so much

    Hey! I’m HoH and for every like this gets I tell my cat she’s a good girl.
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    Hi! New ASL learner here

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    If there were a cure for hearing loss would you take it

    Nope. I’m not saying I like hearing loss, but I wouldn’t be me without it.
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    Using Speech to text apps

    I use MyEar and EyeHear, and they work pretty well most of the time, though sometimes they don’t pick up certain voices.
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    A rather sensitive question.

    Being a hard of hearing person, I’m always angry about people talking to me, and when I don’t hear them, they just say ‘never mind’, and when people turn their face while speaking, which cuts off a lot of general knowledge of what they’re saying.
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    Questions about ASL...

    Yes! If someone that knew ASL would be able to follow FSL at least a little bit.
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    "Unknown Causes" of Hearing Loss

    I wonder if one of his cochlea hairs were damaged...
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    "Unknown Causes" of Hearing Loss

    Any scale of hearing loss is a big deal, and sometimes (not all) hoh people feel like they have their feet in two worlds, the hearing one, and the deaf one.
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    Do you remember music?

    I am hard of hearing, and not specifically answering your question, hearing aids always make orchestra sound blended, and I can’t pick out one instrument from the rest of them