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    Tinnitus is driving me crazy

    For me, tinnitus is always in the background, but I find it a little soothing. I have hyperacusis in one ear, so that may be why tinnitus doesn't bother me as much. But it does tend to get loud when I've been awake too long.
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    Help with book dialogue.

    This is so helpful. Thank you. I was just confused because Ellie said "tone and facial expression" so I thought tone also included how a person signs, like if a person's angry they would do their signs more forcefully or something. If a person's name sign is one letter being signed twice, how...
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    Help with book dialogue.

    Thank you for the advice. I rewrote it to make closer to the murder theme, so the whole rude versus politeness aspect is taken out. How does someone express tone through signing? Sorry if that's offensive. But I'm just trying to learn.
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    Help with book dialogue.

    I'm currently writing a book, which features a several deaf characters. I'm trying to write dialogue as accurately as possible. While proofreading I stumbled over a problem, a character rudely asks for something, then is corrected about asking for it politely. The character asks again, but this...
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    Seeking help for a book

    Hello. I'm working on a murder mystery story involving deaf people. I know that honorifics such as Mr. and Mrs. don't really exist in sign language. While I was reading through it, I noticed that a young female character says "ma'am" to her babysitter. Looking at it, it seems wrong, but I'm not...