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    Pics of you - Part V

    that seat looks quite painful
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    Toronto canada

    Ill keep my eyes open for a meet or something. But i should probably learn some sign before going
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    Pics of you - Part V

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    Toronto canada

    Hey everyone, its been a while since I have been on this site. Am looking to learn sign language and meet other people locally to hang out with. So if anyone is from Toronto, Canada or the GTA and wants to hang out and teach me some sign I'd be ecstatic about that! Ill even pay for pizza :P
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    its about time I learned

    Anyone have any recommendations to good free online resources for learning ASL? I will be squeezing my learning into my free time so taking a course or classes is not really optimal for me. I also have created a skype account if anybody is ever bored and wants to reach out :D. skype: lukewasser
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    What is your JOB?

    bringing this back from the dead people! I quit my job as an insurance broker and am now enrolled in adult school. This should be my final year before applying to university for a degree in computer sciences or electrical engineer. Still undecided. There must be more people on this forum working...
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    did u just try to pick her up bro?
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    Pics of you - Part V

    i may give biking a go, need to switch up from running and give my knees a rest apparently......those seats on the bikes look scary narrow though....
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    The pursuit of happiness

    “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Albert Einstein. This quote rung true to me today. Well, it was more like reality hit me like a ton of bricks to be honest. It all started with a haircut...
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    What are you doing right now?

    me and my girlfriend just finished watching "to save a life". She blubbered aha and I may or may not have had to hold back some tears.
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    what do you like about hearing culture?

    lol theres no such thing as a hearing culture. What I like about hearing people is the fact they can hear. I'd take that ability any day.
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    Legally Deaf Professional Federal Agents/Firefighters/Police Officers?

    highly doubt theres any "legally deaf" police officers, firefighters or anything of that nature. Your inability to hear and detect sounds could put you and everyone around you at a greater risk. And if there are people in these fields you can be quite certain their roles are very limited.
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    What is your JOB?

    I'd love to be a lawyer like the guys in suits but I know life isn't like that aha. I really don't know what my dream job is. My interest's change so rapidly and I am always concerned how my hearing will affect my job in the future. I have been getting my university high school credits in night...
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    What is your JOB?

    I work in an office. Selling insurance, typing up documents, talking on the phone. So I understand all to well the drainage effect that you're feeling. When I first started I would work, then come home tell myself "I'm to tired" and then guess what I would do lol. I'd sit down some more, on the...
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    What is your JOB?

    I'll take sitting over standing any day! For those who say they're getting fat because they sit to much, why not hit a gym? Wake up a little earlier and exercise or go after work? Try eating healthy? Anywayssssss back to the topic of this thread and jobs!