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    I love this tat

    it looks like a tampon with wings to me
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    Need a hug? Come here to get one.

    Can I get in on the hugging action? Things have been a roller coaster this week!
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    My bump :) [DUW warning]

    That's why you make sure they don't get out. You know you never really have to worry about becoming a snakes food there are no snakes that look at us as food threats yes food never. If you ever had someone coming towards you that was 10 times your height and you had never seen them before and...
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    My bump :) [DUW warning]

    Baby Blue: She will not get huge. Not all snakes get huge. Burmese pythons and reticluated pythons yes. Most Boa's however do not go over 7 feet. What I have is a Brazilian Rainbow Boa and she will not grow anymore and she's about 5 1/2' right now. Passionate4ASL: We are going to start doing...
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    GLBT Youth

    But Than don't pin that just on youth, The question should be why arn't rights being pushed aside? and why are we being complacent in our political situation.
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    My bump :) [DUW warning]

    Lol I wish I could show you guys that they arn't scary they are so awesome and loving.
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    How much...?

    No I did not misspeak. $10/hr is average here for just a regular babysitter. But babysitters that go through the Red Cross Babysitters program where they are taught but no licensed in child/infant cpr and first aid, and taught age appropriate activites allergy stuff and you get a little card...
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    Is understanding that hard?

    I just got out of a relationship with a hearie. and I have pretty darn good hearing out of my right ear, my left is my bad. Well when we were in the car and my bf would talk he would talk straight into my right ear. He thought because I could hear him talking in the car i made up being hoh and...
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    GLBT Youth

    No I don't think we are. I think my friends who are still in high school deal more with trying to deal with having a SO and just being accepted. I don't think that the first thing on a GLBT youth's mind is equal rights. I understand that rights are very important, but are we expecting to much by...
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    My bump :) [DUW warning]

    nah not brave to me it's just like having a puppy/child.
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    My bump :) [DUW warning]

    Say what?
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    My bump :) [DUW warning]

    Ok first you have to know this is not a baby bump. My boa climbed up under my shirt and it looked to funny and to cute not to take pictures. She wraped herself in my tanktop so I couldn't get her out. Finally Got her out of my shirt after an hour
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    Good Joke for the Christians

    Lol to funny!
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    Pictured: The dalmatian who gave birth to a bumper litter of EIGHTEEN pups

    it's so cool how the mom is the daughter of one of the dogs in the 102 sequal. I guess she really thought she needed to make a trilogy
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    Pics of you - Part III

    She's my baby