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    Pls Pray For Punkywolfy!

    glad ya are OK now, Punkywolfy. Get well!
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    UPS To Gays: No Marriage No Benefits

    "UPS To Gays: No Marriage No Benefits" is not mean to end of the world. Not only GLBT, UPS declined benefits for common-in-law marriage for some reasons even they live in one of 13 states with CL marrage recongized. My friend have to fight for their proofs. That's obivously, UPS is very...
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    Question about vegan

    Not really, My friend is a vegetarian since she was 13 years old. Right now, she's almost 29 years old. I can see her body is slightly overweight even she is in risk for obesity.
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    Thyroid Disorders

    I see more people who have hypothryoidism. For me, I had hyper-thryoidism (overactive thyroid) since 2002. It is a part of family genes (on my father's side). I remmied I eat anything unlimited and survived with too many anxiety attacks. I have a Deaf friend who have a similiar as my...
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    At what age do you think people should be permitted to have a driver's license?

    Got a learner's permit at age 16 (during I was taking Driver Education class) Got a driver license at 18 Got a own car at 21 I prefer ONE teen driver in a car. With adults or relative OK. Rather not wanna to see full of teenagers in a car. That make my heart ache.
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    Abortion vs Forced Miscarriage

    Forced miscarriage is worst one. My friend did it and ended up in the hosptial for a short time during her senior year. I asked her how did she done that? She said she jumped on her twin bed at her dorm. It was about an half hour before start bad cramp. That was her saying I remmy. I...
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    Natural Born Killers

    I do like this movie because of Terrylene acted in.
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    Biologist: Having sex on a first date may lead to long term relationship

    This thread's so interesting. I admitted that I have sex on a first date for a several times, opps. I remmied we did it and stay together for 2 years but broke off due to long distance. We remain to be best friend. We think it was so hilarious for having sex on very first date.
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    Who's got a hobby?

    My hobbies are painting (oil, water, & acrylic) and Astrology (analyzing people's natal chart)
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    For ONLY women! need help! LOL!

    Met Tweetybird in real life. I do believe dirty blond looks good on her.
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    Questions about Buddhism? ASK PUYOPIYO

    ONE God mean God is God. Christianity have their own idols, also. Such as Jesus, a crucifix, and more.
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    What´s the difference between Reglious and Bible?

    In my opinion, religions is for people who wanna to have connection to their belief even their lives. About the Bible, it's just a book with too many paper. to me, it's bedtime storytelling. I sensed there are many missing scrolls somewhere after the Bible printed first time. Few...
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    Why do you do drugs?

    Mirgaine drugs I received that covered by my insurance long time ago. But I still see the costs of most drugs in the receipt along with drugs from the phamarcy store.
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    Why do you do drugs?

    Secondly that, I do it all the time. Mirgaine medcines are getting more expensive. Oh geez! In spring 2000, I figured it out and realize each pill costs $12. No idea about costs for now. Myself, I do have a pretty high tolerance in pain. Rather to be tolerance than taking any...
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    Questions about Buddhism? ASK PUYOPIYO

    Ya haven't answer my question. Thanks for ur suggestion about Dharma. Not that easy to find Sangha that include ASL provided. Hopefully, I could find my friend somewhere thru Deaf event here in Colorado. He's a student at Naropa University. See what happen. Liebling:-)))'s lucky for...