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    This thread is still up and running...Cool.
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    I'm Back

    It's been soo long! Oh how I missed thee!
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    I think I did the right thing

    You are the bestest friend she gat. You did the right thing. Someday she will understand.
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    Hello ADers

    Hey Everybody!!!:wave: It's been a minute and I'm back with da jump off!! I miss being on this site. I've been tryin to catch up. Looking Good. God Bless you all.
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    Curious: what do our deaf members do for a living?

    I'm just dreaming :)
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    What is your nationality ?

    Who asked what's your heritage?
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    What kind of wedding did you have(or are you going to have)?

    My wedding was last year October. It wasn't to big or small...a little over 250 guests. I had one Maid of Honor, three Bridemaids, a Best Man, three Groom's Men, Junior Bride, Flower Girl, Ring Bearer and two Usherettes. It was held at a Church and the reception was at a grand hall.
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    What is your nationality ?

    Proud to be a Bahamian!
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    Colour of hearing aids

    My hearing aids are the colour of my skin tone...Brown
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    Paris Hilton, Are you tired of seeing her on TV/Magazines?

    I think enuff of her has been in the media. She isn't the only famous person in the world. I always thought she was nothing but a rich, dumb bimbo whose only words were, "That's Hot!" How captivating is that?!! I don't understand American media. They need to find something else..seriously.
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    alcoholic drinks

    Sure check out Ole Nassau Rums with many flavors, Bacardi liquors and fruit juices like pineapple, oranges, punch etc. You can get creative with them.
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    word game

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    alcoholic drinks

    Mixed drinks rules! Wine is nice when ya wan feel sexy.