Kristina Clark

I'm a hearing individual that has been interested in deaf culture for some time. I'm from a small town in Kentucky where a deaf classmate was stripped of all opportunity to thrive due to small town ignorance. This initially made me want to become an interpreter (was my major and everything) but budget cuts made the college I was attending drop their ASL classes. Then I planned to transfer to a larger university, but got married and moved to Hawaii. When I began to look back into interpreting, Hawaii having amazing programs, I was already moving towards discovering that psychology was my career passion. I had a friend that worked as a teacher at the Hawaii School for the Deaf and Blind, so I had exposure at least to the Deaf community (although limited). Through this exposure I realised that becoming an interpreter was not in the cards for me (I did NOT have what it takes), but I still wanted to become fluent in ASL and work with the Deaf community, so I decided to become a clinical psychologist with emphasis to work with individuals who rely on ASL. Now, through all of this, I have never had a formal ASL course. I know many ASL signs, through my own study and exposure with others, but I severely lack in sentence structure and I was always so nervous to sign something wrong or seem awkward that I shied away from opportunities for two way conversation with people in the Deaf community when I had the chance. I used ASL with my children (my son who had weight caused development delays including speech, and my daughter who is only a year and a half), but that's not real conversational sign considering what they knew came from me. My mother has Menier's, and will eventually come to rely on sign, but she will probably rely more on SEE since I doubt more of the family other than me and my kids would be willing to learn the complexity of ASL. Long story short, I'm looking for friends to get to know from various backgrounds. I think that having a diverse group of friends from various backgrounds makes the world a better place to live in. Since I am currently living in the middle of no-where, my face to face opportunities have decreased, and then I found this website :).
Jul 23, 1988 (Age: 32)
Marshallville, OH
Substitute Teacher


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