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    Tinnitus and dizziness

    Thanks! Laying down makes it so much worse so I just try and sit as still as possible until it passes.
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    Tinnitus and dizziness

    I’m not sure where to post this question but I have constant tinnitus (and have since I was a baby) and recently I’ve been getting random bits of dizziness while my tinnitus is louder so I’m wondering if tinnitus can cause dizziness? I’ve never heard of it doing that unless you have Ménière’s...
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    Students Looking for ASL buddies

    Oh I forgot to add we can talk on glide. Pm me for my username
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    Who can still remember their childhood phone number?

    I can! 967-7885 I think I will always remember it.
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    Students Looking for ASL buddies

    Hi. My name is Kayla I’m hearing and looking to find someone to practice asl (pse) with eventually (id like to get to know the person through messaging before I jump on video chat because I’m a very awkward and shy person) preferably a female around my age 18-25 or an elder who wants someone to...
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    If Deaf never had sign language, would you hearing still want to know us??

    I love the language but I would still want to get to know Deaf/hard of hearing individuals if they didn’t have the language. (This is really hard to explain but I’m going to try my best) To me everyone is equal. It doesn’t matter where your from or if you can/can’t hear or see or whatever, those...
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    Hearing And Reteaching Myself To Sign

    My dream place to live is Birmingham England
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    Hearing And Reteaching Myself To Sign

    Cool I live in Sacramento and I hate it haha
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    ASL, Deaf, 16, Female.

    hey Kirstie! My name is Kayla and I'm 17 and hearing. I use to be pretty fluent in asl but I lost it because I lost contact with those friends. I'm reteaching myself and would love to sign with you for practice (I'm not very good yet haha) if you don't mind. I have skype and FaceTime so message...
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    Hi, Im New Here And Grandmother Of A Deaf Child.

    I really like and it's great that you want to learn sign for your grandson!
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    Hearing And Reteaching Myself To Sign

    Authentic I'm in Northern California
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    Sign Language Video Pal

    I'm not sure if your talking to me or not but if so I'm not sure how to do that I haven't really figured out this site yet haha