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    New CI Technique

    I have added a phonak hearing aid with the implant (implant in right ear and ha in left). though the ha does not provide clear sound, it improves the overall sound so that hearing is clearer. the ha is geared to the sound processor so they share sound.
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    Bluetooth issues with iphone (can't pair both devices at same time)

    BT problems can depend on the phone. i've found that i have to restart the phone (laptops also)-has to do with the device storing data for the link and running out of space allocated for that. BT is tied to the wifi chip. I don't think this prob is specific to your resound, but the device you...
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    I Need Adjustments to My CI & Sound Processor

    There is also Speech ID 2 for rehab with cell phones.
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    Trouble with BAHA magnet sticking, husband is very discouraged

    does the person that did the fitting have a contact? that is who usually would. also the maker of your device might have a webstore where things can be purchased. usually by credit card.
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    New CI Technique

    trying to add sound information through stimulation of arms (through a device on the arm linked to the sound processor) or other neural input areas. i don't discount the possibility, but cannot see how it would work.
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    Approved for CI and have surgery date

    The Roger devices that AB has link very well to cellphones and laptops. Also allow me to hear ground floor of house if on 2nd floor or basement. good for streaming also.
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    Ci bluetooth?

    all of them have a piece of hardware with a magnet that links to the implant whether they have a separate sound processor with a cord or an integrated sound processor in the magnet housing. the implant has no power source within it so Bluetooth is part of thee sound processor. AB has a Naida...
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    Approved for CI and have surgery date

    the implants do work, but they are not plug and play. expect a 6 to 12 month rehab period with a speech therapist and an implant specialist (like an audiologist). the second one will adjust your hearing frequencies to improve the sound. the first will test you and evaluate your progress giving...
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    Cant hear with my new HA it drive me crazy!!!

    I have been through that twice (at least). The first time my hearing was rechecked, and a new HA was prescribed (needed more volume and to tighten up hearing bands since my higher freqs were going away) and the second time (5 yrs later), further decline led to a referral to an implant specialist...
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    Anyone here use linux instead of windows?

    Linux has been around since before DOS-1 and Windows 1. The vertical learning curve and terminal window make the difficulty. Even with the "windowing" interface now available, some problems can only be fixed using a terminal window (you might call it a DOS window--CTRL/ALT-T to invoke) because...
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    Anti- virus

    No antivirus. Use Linux. It works with all my ear hardware just fine. My version is Ubuntu (there are more than 30 versions of Linux). Ubuntu also does wifi so the internet is there also. Libre Office and email software are included in the download.
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    New Here

    i came to this site from AB Bionics. I was implanted July of 2019 and have been through the rehab available. Hearing not perfect, but better than the 40% before the implant. Hearing has been in decline since 1990, but has been very gradual and so was missed for several years. The implant is the...