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    Deaf and ......

    wales uk here,still in lockdown too,
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    it is a song. by british rock band 'Chumbawamba ' called "Tubthumping" released in 1997 and 1998...

    it is a song. by british rock band 'Chumbawamba ' called "Tubthumping" released in 1997 and 1998 in usa..
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    new to deaf forums

    well mdr-a10 headphones still work for me with either a sont phones ,boosted with an app,or switching off the regs on an mp3 players,BUT only with the late 80's and early 90's headband in ear headphones like the mdr-a10's just bought 2 which cost me £60 about $80. and still work fine for me,my...
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    If there were a cure for hearing loss would you take it

    i would in a i would in a flash i am severe to profound,i miss listening to music,i hate others having to repeat themselves,i hate being dependent on subtitles,when companies dont give a toss. Although i like i can sleep in any noisy situation. i became deaf at 17 this site seems to be usa...
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    The hearing and cochlear implant debate! Share your opinion!

    i have been offered CI's i am 47yrs old,but with digital hearing aids a waste of space for me,i am worried that i will be at the mercy of the tech companies ,like i am with digial hearing aids,so i am not bothering,if i could do my job without hearing aids i would,i work as a customer adviser...
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    How did you become deaf / hard of hearing?

    I was a little deaf in one ear from birth nerve deafness,they always said blows to head could make it worse,however at the age of 17yrs old i came out of the pub with my friends(legal age is 18 in uk ,so okay i was being a bit naughty) a guy who i didnt know started fighting me,i got away and...
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    Freaked out about hearing

    I am afraid i never got used to digital hearing aids,i am worried once the aids i have break i will live in silence,although it is preferable than using digital. i work and after 6 weeks of digital hearing aids i went from talking normally to talking nasily ,now they want me to have cocklear...
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    New Here looking for friends

    well you would not like my country,hahahaha wettest in europe
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    new to deaf forums

    Hi i am 47 and have been deaf for 30 yrs,i wont go into details on how,nobody believes it,anyway i have about 10 to 15% of hearing and wear hearing aids and lip read,i have lots of issue's,i am from the uk not sure if this is uk based. 1 i hate EU regs,they dont give a toss about deaf people,in...