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    Skype, anyone?

    Hey Josh. there is a group on google+ called ASL Buddies, they are really nice and such. if oyu want a group of friends. also I'm open to skype. let me know.
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    Lose 5 lbs in 3 days

    The diet seems like one of those adds like drink magic tea, or sit and lose weight...but...I'll give it a go.... but I prefer just walking allot.
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    what do I do

    okay so here'e the main ideas: met him online. we flirt and he makes all the moves first. have two guys UGG!. has to chose and doesn't knwo who for long time. finally chose guy online. he freaks and is now not talkign to me what do I do?
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    What did you learn today?

    that adjectives are evil.
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    look'n for friends

    I took care of it but if any more come I will forward them to you.
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    look'n for friends

    Hey I would but my camera broke. but I'll tell you it's a great job and i like it. COOOOL! I'm not a technical person... I looked at that and I already am having headaches. I'm like ummm I find timezone another way. (plus me no speak spanish.)
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    look'n for friends

    you haven't been on lately T_T or is it that I miss you in the mornings. I do'nt know your time zone so I'm like shooting in the dark T_T :P to you too lol but yes helloo ^_^ how are you doing on job hunting? OH I got the job I volunteer at the library it's os exciting I love the work there and...
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    look'n for friends

    Bebonang it's alright. he hasn't emailed me so it's good. I told him not to contact me ever again. and all. SUPECHICK!!! Hey girl!
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    look'n for friends

    I do my best. and I"m sorry if I have hurt anyones feelings.
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    look'n for friends

    oh no no no no I didn't mean to offend it's just this one guy kind of stalked me a bit he is from here and it was kind of weird. I'm so sorry I'm just kind of freaked out I feel bad. I"m so sorry. I"m going to shrink in my little hole now
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    Hi..lookin for lady friends..

    I"m not in orlando but I"m here in washington. whats up? I've wrote some poetry it's on the creative writing stuff if you want to read it.
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    look'n for friends

    hello Emilykn I'm Kaja, 16. I'm hearing but learning sign. I want to be an interpeter.
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    look'n for friends

    Hello, I'm Kaja. Pronounced (K-sh-u) looking for friends Male or female Important Information Due to the many interesting people that have Been what seeming to be contacting me directly (unlike I asked) I am putting this up. and I need you to read this now. Male or female are admitted but...
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    Looking for friends and guidence

    hello Emily, I"m Kaja what's up?
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    looking for friends

    Hi, guys...yeah I probably should lol. this probably isn't the best way to get friends also...eek. but anyways hello Creator and hello Trjae nice to meet you guys.