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    Love or hate Valentine's Day?

    Before teenager, I loved Valentines day, My parents would shower me with gifts and love. Then when I was a teenager, I disliked Valentines day because I never get anything from a boy or boyfriend and having seeing my sisters getting flowers and gifts from boys or their boyfriends... so that made...
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    How "old" are you?

    I'm 25 (Well I will be next week) and I feel young, like age of 17 or 18! However I do not like that I only have 5 years to go before I turn 30.... that makes me cringe as that means I'm getting old....
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    I was very lucky today...

    Wow, glad you are ok... but remember next time, DON'T RUN! I've learned that lesson... I was bit by German Shepard because I ran from it.... not a good idea. The story was that my friend and I was playing Frisbee and it went over to the fence of our neighbor's. so we both went up to the door...
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    If you could live in any time period, which one and why??

    Hmm I would picked to go back in 1800's.... like 1850 or something like that.... also I would like to go back into time of early 1900's... like 1910 or something. I donno... its those time periods that draws me in... must be the historical romance books I've been reading lol.
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    Teacher Tells Kids There Is No Santa Claus

    If the teacher has told my kid that santa claus doesn't exit, oh boy I will be so pissed at the teacher. I want to pass down to my children of magic of Christmas, the Santa Claus and the spirit of it. I honestly don't think it's lying to tell kids that there is santa claus because in a way...
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    :giggle: Well its like this, on my plate, if there's like chicken and then green beans and corn.... I tend to septerate the food into corners so it won't touch each other. Then I would eat the corn first, then after corn is all gone, then I'll get the green beans. After all green beans are gone...
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    dancing at the bars.

    Well, nowa days we have Night Clubs which is a place for dancing and drinks... Bars just is a reagular bars where people just sit and drink and chat. Night Clubs is where you would want to go for action like Dancing!
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    Where are you having Thanksgiving?

    My Fincee' and my Parents along with me are having thanksgiving in Mexico! Tradictionally my family goes to Mexico for thanksgiving... has been going there since 2001. But this is my first time to go since 2004.... I've been extrememly busy with my son that I wasn't able to go few times...
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    My son may be losing some hearing

    He's 5 1/2.... soon to be 6 in January. If he does become hard of hearing, then I would just give him a choice, just go without hearing aids or if he wants have hearing aids, then that's just fine. I was born Deaf and the doctors said that my deafness was caused by CMV.... so if my son...
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    My son may be losing some hearing

    I'm a little concern... My son has beeing saying "What?" lately, keeps asking to repeat what I said. And I'm not the only one that has nocticed that.... even his teacher has nocticed it and his father has nocticed it as well. He might be having a some hearing loss... so we are taking...
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    I tend to eat something I least like first and work my way up to save the best part of the meal. Also I don't like my food touching each other, so they must be not touching each other... I don't know why I have that.... its something I've had it since I was a kid, I can't control it. My family...
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    Random Vents.....

    Yesurday my professor told me that she'll email me the assignments last night so I can do them head of time and turn them in on Thursday before I leave for the week. All day I've been checking my emails and I only just got it about ten mintues ago! Grrr.... Now I will have to pull a late night...
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    What are you thinking about? Part V

    Is thinking why it's so cold and rainy today... but it's a fall season so it's expected in state of WA. I am so looking forward getting the heck out of here this Sat.... I'll be in nice warm Mexico. Heard that it's gonna snow this weekend... hopefully it won't snow until I leave, lol.
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    What kind of animals do you have?

    We have ALOT of pets here, lol We have two dogs, Mila and Bella, they are Red heeler/black lab/ German Shepard mix. They are one years old. We have two cats, Simba and Nala. They are 2 years old. We have Tank of Fish and three corn snakes (Ewww but Ricky (My fiancee) loves them. NO more pets...
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    Deaf family

    Well, I'm adopted so I don't know in my biological family. In my Adoptive Family, Nope, I'm only one that is deaf in the family. However on my Fiancee's family, His whole family is deaf. His parents, his brother and sister, his niece, his uncles and aunts and grandparents! There's even a...