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    Watched a lot of b&w westers on sunday as a kid but my favorites where clint eastwood including Unforgiven. Recently I like Appaloosa and Tombstone. I could never get into the latest tv westers except Justified was my favorite show in a long time.
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    Deaf woman fights for chance to drive a truck — and wins

    Hearing people drive into trains all the time!
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    Need a windshield

    No doubt. Lucky for me (and them lol) I pulled the carpet years ago. To much clay mud from hunting and hiking to have carpets. I popped the drain plugs until they get it fixed. I'll give them one more shot but if they can't make it work on the third time I'm going to ask them to pay for another...
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    Need a windshield

    Got new windshield and it rained the next day. Water poured in. 1/4" water on passenger side floor. Brought it back and the "fixed" it. Little drizzle today and I see water dripping out from behind the dash on the floor. This is why I try to do all my own work. I've installed 4 or 5...
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    Hi, new here, possibly hard of hearing

    Online hearing tests rely on speakers/headphones that generally don't produce a wide range of tones at the same level. Ear buds are the worst. They generally start dropping off fast as the tones get lower. Get tested then you'll know.
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    Need a windshield

    That is scary. I had a chunk of steel and rubber embed in a windsheild once on the highway. Was an exauhst hanger that got picked up between the dually tires in the truck in front of me. Needless to say I had to do laundry that night! My windsheild is origional 1996 lol. It's so pitted I don't...
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    Need a windshield

    At work I make sure EVERYTHING is emailed and in writing. I love it when a customer comes back and says it's not how they wanted it. Well here it is in writing!
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    Need a windshield

    Yea, I put "Email please". I do say I'm HOH sometimes but that usually doesn't help either. One place kept calling me. Must have been a dozen times over 3 days. Guess they really wanted my business just not enough to email me lol.
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    Need a windshield

    So I emailed 3 places today. One very local with a basic website and the other two more corporate with web forms. The local place surprisingly email right back with a quote. One of the bigger places called back and left a voice mail to call them to get a quote and the third has called 7 times...
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    Another batch

    Impossible. I've seen die hard vergetarians cave with the smell of bacon. It's power is awesome and limitless.
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    Another batch

    Hog hunting is high on my list. Hunting licenses for out of state are just so pricy. What state is that in?
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    Blind and deaf puppy finds new home, 'big sister' dog

    A friend had a blind dog once. It got around pretty good as long as you didn't rearange anything in the house.
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    Another batch

    You guys must do it different than where I'm from. Lol!
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    Mercury tracer wagon

    Is that the mazda built one? My wife had a mazda built escort that had over 350k on it. 600k is real impressive. Strange way to introduce yourself. Lol. Are you the gost in the machine?