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    Tampa, FL area?

    Hi! I live in NJ, but my brother and his family live in Land O' Lakes, FL. My Deaf husband and I will be visiting the family January 1st-6th. Any Deaf/ASL meets in the Land O' Lakes, Tampa, or surrounding area within that time? My husband and I plan to move there in a few years! Thanks!
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    First date (I am fully hearing going out with hoh girl)

    I am hearing and my husband is Deaf. For our first date, we went to a cafe and I brought my laptop. I didn't know any ASL back then, so he tried to read my lips at first. After that, we typed back and forth in a Word document on my laptop. We had a great time! I would suggest you text her and...
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    A Quiet Place movie

    Has anyone seen it? What do you think? 1: I think it's great that a Deaf actress (Millicent Simmonds) got to play a Deaf role! 2: I read that Millicent taught the other actors sign to better communicate with her. So it's not as if the hearing actors only learned the signs for the script. I...
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    ASL resources for hearing family?

    I looked up that book on their library website and no good. However, there are other books/DVDs by Rachel Coleman, so I think I will suggest them. Thank you!
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    ASL resources for hearing family?

    Hello! My future husband is Deaf and I am hearing. We live in New Jersey. In 2-3 years, we plan to move to Florida to be with my brother and his family- they are all heairng. I want my brother, his wife, and two young daughters to learn ASL before we move down there. What are the best resources...
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    Other alarm clock?

    My husband is Deaf and he uses a bed shaker alarm clock. It works well, but if I want to sleep in and he needs to get up early, I get woken up by his alarm. Does anyone know of another alarm clock that can wake him up and not me? Thanks!
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    Bad interpreters at mainstream college

    Hello! I know someone that is Deaf and attending a mainstream university. Unfortunately, some of the interpreters he has had while attending that university have been subpar. The agency that the interpreters come from have a contract with the university. The interpreters are from another state...
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    South NJ Deaf chats

    I thought I would share about the deaf meets that happen in my area. Starbucks deaf meet tonight! Typically every other Friday 7pm-9pm: Cherrywood Plaza, 1490 Blackwood Clementon Rd, Clementon, NJ 08021. Deaf bowling every Friday night, I think starts 6pm, at Laurel Lanes: 2825 NJ-73, Maple...
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    1/27: Philly Auto Show- Interpreters all day!!

    There will only be interpreters tomorrow, January 27th. It's at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA. 1101 Arch St., Philadelphia, PA 19107. Ticket information here. ----- My deaf husband LOVES cars. I think he will enjoy himself more with interpreters available.
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    Nucleus 7

    I am so excited! My Deaf fiancé was approved for the CI processor upgrade, and should be getting the Nucleus 7, which just came out this month. So exciting! No more buying batteries in bulk anymore! He got the CI surgery when he was 15 years old (his decision). He's now 26. His current...
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    South nj deaf meets?

    Hi everyone! I live in South Jersey, about 20 minutes from Philadelphia, PA. The only deaf meet in my area that I know about is the Deptford mall food court every Monday. Does anyone on here know of any others?
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    Deaf Dating Sites?

    My fiance is Deaf, I'm hearing. We met on Maybe use a free dating site like that, advertise that you're Deaf, and maybe you'll get lucky and find a Deaf woman on there. I don't know of any Deaf dating sites that have a good reputation. The shame of it is with dating sites: women get...
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    Surfing a dating site.

    I found my now fiancé through We messaged back and forth and met up in real life about a week later. He had some other conversation with women in the website before me, but they never lead to anything more. He was upfront about being Deaf and using ASL to communicate in the first...
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    Hearing deaf sexuality

    Story time! I am hearing and my fiancé is Deaf. I didn't know any sign language before I met him. We started out with texting and typing back and forth to communicate. Then I started learning sign from him and books, and college classes later on. Prior to him, I didn't have much sexual...
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    Anyone tired of being lonely?

    I am hearing and engaged to a Deaf man. We met on the dating site okcupid. I didn't know any sign language before I met him. I learned about ASL and Deaf culture from him and library books, then more at college classes later on. He changed my life. I am now studying to be an ASL interpreter. He...