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    What are you thinking about? Part V

    I hope everyone who is sick feels better soon. I've been crazy busy, which is why I have not been here. I logged in to check in and read up, and now I have to turn around and sign off and go to bed! I'll be back soon. Just wanted to say "hi." Jen M.
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    Pet Peeves

    ^^This! It's disgusting! Jen M.
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    How can hearies included the Deaf?

    Grayma, I have those feelings about things I say sometimes, too, but like you, I have learned it is important to go through with it and say it anyway. I'm sorry about your SIL's injury. :( Jen M.
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    Random Vents.....

    I've had a cr--tacular day! I'm so frustrated, I've been crying most of the day, and now I had a headache. I'm going to bed. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Printer just up and stopped working. I'm trying to print stuff for my business for the tax man. I'll be getting a new printer, but the...
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    ASL (Ancient Sign Language)

    Ok. Not a COMPLETELY different animal, but it is used for purposes other than (and in addition to) communication for deaf people. Hand Talk: American Indian Sign Language Fascinating. Jen M.
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    ASL (Ancient Sign Language)

    I believe Native American "hand talking" is a completely different "animal" from sign language as used by the deaf/HoH. (that does not mean I think that deaf Native Americans don't use sign language.) I believe NA hand talking is a story telling device. Your idea is an interesting one. I wish...
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    Polices Ordered to Shoot Stray Dogs! :(

    First off, just don't get me started on PETA. They are bad, bad people. Secondly, this is a crock! Most cities/townships have animal control programs. Municipalities that turn to "just shooting/killing stray animals" are lazy. If you talk to the average person, the average person supports...
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    Confession Time :)

    (Warning: Possibly TMI) This has been a TERRIBLE period. That is all. :( Jen M.
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    Confession Time :)

    I really admire what Bruce Lee had to say about a lot of things, and I came to enjoy his movies. I completely believe it could have happened. It may have even been an unknown allergy to aspirin. I had heard he'd died due to complications from medication, but I had no idea it might have been...
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    What are you thinking about? Part V

    Happy birthday! :) I'm thinking about bookkeeping and art. I'm on a roll artistically, but I really need to get my 2011 bookkeeping done, so I can send everything to the accountant. Blergh! Jen M.
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    Share story from your customer(s).......

    THAT is a great story! :D Jen M.
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    Share story from your customer(s).......

    It's mostly books and silver (holloware.) I have other items I have not added to my shop yet, because I need to research them.I have glassware, antique toys, and all kinds of stuff to add yet, but the research takes time. Eventually, I'm going to have to hire an appraiser for some of my items...
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    What are your favorite sitcoms?

    For realz...And who needs EIGHT FRICKIN' SPORTS CHANNELS? LOL! Jen M.
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    A charity case...

    I guess I was always intuitive enough to know what was up. Most of the time, I'd figure it out before we "went there." Other times, I didn't care--it was a lay, and that's that I needed at the time. I hope that, as you settle into a life you're comfortable with (location, situation, getting...
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    Approaching deaf guy...

    Yeah. Get a pen and paper and write down your email address or cell # for texting and give it to him. I was lucky, in that I met my current BF online, so he was able to prepare me for our first face to face meeting. Everything went great, and we've been together five years now. (I'm a...