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    Fave ICE Cream~~

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    Mike Jordan...fired?

    He wasn't the GM, he was the Team President. He doesn't belong to the Wizards. After all, he was doing all the work for them. I think he should go to the Bulls, be in the front office or whatever.
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    Thanks everyone. I'm not used to this. I'm getting adjusted to it. So, what's new? What do you guys normally do everyday?
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    Who I am? :)

    Hey Ellie, not Natty, NATA, that's a better nickname for my baby!!! :)
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    Who I am? :)

    All Deaf, am I right? I feel like I'm a low function. :)
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    Who I am? :)

    I'm curious, I'm new to this, what does AD stands for? Sorry.
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    Who I am? :)

    Hey y'all, I'm Jeff, whassssup?????
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    Where will Kobe Bryant, and Jason Kidd will go to???

    I think Kobe Bryant will go to Memphis to be renuited with Jerry West, because he didn't sign the extension to be with the Lakers, and Phil Jackson and Shaq might as well retire. And Jason Kidd says he wants to be in New Jersey, on the other hand, I think he will go to the Spurs.
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    who's gonna win NBA Championship this time?/ NBA Playoffs

    I have one thing to say to you guys. The SaCrEmEnTo KiNgS!!!! They will win it. Trust me. Because the LA Lakers are worned out from Minnesota the first round, and having a hard time with the Spurs right now. The Sac, they are excellent. I mean, Chris Webber's awesome. They almost beat...
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    Indiana School for the Deaf

    Yeah, I'm from Indiana School for the Deaf myself. It's a great school, with great bi-bi philosphy, and etc. ISD's one of the world class school. Their education is so great. I learned a lot from them. But one bad thing is the dormitory. It sucks, whatever you do, dont live at the dorm, I...
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    Hey everyone, I'm new in town, sups y'all?