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    Burglar alarms for the deaf?

    Yes, there are burglar alarms that flash strobe lights. The main aim of strobe light is to discourage criminals by disconcerting them. It produces 4-6 flashes a second, and when connected with security mist protection and the security alarm, it confuses the intruders and compels them to leave...
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    Deaf pet.....!

    How to know whether a pet is deaf or not?
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    First haircut gone wrong

    There is nothing to worry.....It's hair.... it will grow..LOL :)
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    Can someone recommend a youtube channel?

    This is a good channel. I have watched it earlier.
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    Newbie here

    Hi friends, I'm Isaac. I am a businessman. I really got attracted to this forum as it is meant for deaf people. My mamma is deaf. I'm sure that the insights from this forum will surely help me to care for my mamma more.