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    CIs & Learning Delays
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    Kids New CI Research
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    I have had a CI for 2 years & things are going quite well. A CI just requires some effort.
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    Double Whammy!!
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    Sick, Sad, World!
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    Some People!
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    Just got activated

    I watch movies on my phone with my phone clip streaming the sound into my processor using a downloadable app called Tubi. That helps me alot,
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    CI Activation

    Initial mapping just basic setting. Loudness & Comfort Levels. You receive any accessories you have selected. Cochlear Corps if you have that brand has a downloadable phone apt. for processor control. Be prepared for people to sound like Robocop or Darth Vader at first.
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    my cochlear implant horror story

    I have had my CI for less than a year (So far, So good). The issue we forget is us! The Human body is probably the most complex machine that ever existed, designed by millions of years of evolution. While a CI only has a few decades of Engineering under it's belt. As much as we understand...
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    It's a go! I have a surgery date!

    I had stitches and one incision behind my right ear.
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    It's a go! I have a surgery date!

    I was able to wash my hair after 3 days. I just had to apply a special cream before bed over the incision at night for a week they sent me home with.
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    It's a go! I have a surgery date!

    I have had a CI right ear for almost a year & I have no regrets at all.