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    Online Relationship?

    well is it harmless to meeting somebody new?
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    online Journal/blogging

    yeah i have 1, look down on my sigs area :mrgreen: help urself! ;)
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    Any Regrets?

    is this about in general of anything or marriage? in generally; i do regretted 1 mistakes or 2 in my life and i had been regretting everyday in months and i wanted to forget abt it but couldnt cos i kept wishing that i cld turn bak the time to undo these mistakes that i made but yet, it made...
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    Have You Noticed?...(Part Two)

    have u noticed that gokigoki48rs has returned? :oaah..
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    Who are you?

    wHo Me? age: 20.5 (will be 21 in 15 more days) sex: hetrosex-mamalicious :lol: status: single wishin to mingle.. :kiss: state location: South dERRty KoAsT of Tejas! :mrgreen: the picture? it is somewhere in a hidden profile.. :giggle:
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    Love is not important.

    well she said that she wanted to created her own child by going to a sperm bank... thats her statments in posts.
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    Love is not important.

    i second that with zesty.. :-/ TTT just disappointed me and seen that harshful about these comments on married couples its like TTT never want to know what its like to be in love, even through she never be there like i did, i dont make those harshful comments and yet she has no faith in love...
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    Hey Ravensteven and TTT

    RS n TTT.... touché but tasty! well well dont u think that ravensteve and ttt will made a perfect couple in hell? :giggle: (snickers) i thought so, too!
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    Love is not important.

    MODERATORS!!!!!! lock this thread, please? :angel: gosh that so harsh for u to say abt the couples and marriages couples, and yet u need to shut the fuck up from this time and NOW! and u still hasnt won this debate and i told u 1st time shut the fuck up and shovel ur shit up in ur ass! god...
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    Love is not important.

    bitch, get over it! yeah yeah yeah we heard u for millionth times we know u dont like men, just leave it at that, but yet u shldnt been talking abt love just said "my love is not important to me anymore" so then we cld understand that from there where we can see how men have treated u terribly...
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    cool avatars! a cartoon avatar, how can i get it from? i wanna one of these! i like it.
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    Love is not important.

    "love urself first then a friendship!"- mamalicious:ily:
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    Do you miss being single?

    :::bumped::: lmao i am still single and still counting yet i never missed being single cos i am single, what the different to make?! :lol:
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    POP ur Question!!

    got more? :-/
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    Ideas of waiting...

    well spoken sweetexpress... yet, its true. i do have alot alot and plenty of patient, but just none r interested in me, yet.. i m not worried abt that, through. also in meanwhile, i will take each of these advices that yall given to me, and i already took of them before myself and i did...