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    Who Is in Their 40s?

    Late 20's and turn 40 in Jan so I still look like late 20 s lol
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    'Golden Girls' star Bea Arthur dies at 86

    It didn't say she was ill. It says that she died peacefully in her sleep. So I beileve it was old age. :-)
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    Is it okay for the (underage) teenagers have an abortion without parental knowledge?

    The question that says "Is it okay for the (underage) teenagers have an abortion without parental knowledge? " My answer is no. I would rather my teenage daughters let me know before having abortion. I believe it best for the parents to know about it then having a teenagers keeping secret in the...
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    'Golden Girls' star Bea Arthur dies at 86

    I heard about it today in the news, and sadly we gonna miss her. She a wonderful actress and Bea Arthur will be missed. The golden girls still do lot of reruns for almost 15 years here on TV. It always wonderful to watch them.
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    Need help with getting MVP. Help.

    I also have same problem as well.
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    How long have you had to wait until you got your VP?

    Funny, I waited almost 3 years to get VP 200 so I still have not hear from them. They sure know how to waste people time!
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    Why NOT to do payday loans

    If you use pay day loans,, you have to pay them back it not worth it. They can be dirty business.
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    Deaf Boyfriend versus Hearing Boyfriend...

    It's dont' really matter which boyfriend is better hearing or deaf. So, really the only difference between deaf and hearing is the commuication and education levels. But if a guy got a good heart and personality,, go for it! But remind yourself if you date a guy make sure you check his...
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    Supporters rally around laid-off deaf teacher

    Yes I already voiced my input to support ASL and I happen to know Star Griser personally from SVSD club. :-) We are on her side.
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    Octuplets' grandmother faces foreclosure threat

    I have to agree with Jo on this one. She did say she wanted a big family but not think the life it can lead to those childrens she having. She out of her mind.:cool2:
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    Actress- Natasha Richardson

    Yeah I saw the news and read the news about Natasha Richardson who have been in lot of movies and shows. I remembered she did good job in the movie with her husband actor Liam Neeson in the movie called "Nell" with Jodie Foster. Her mother is very well known Vanessa Redgrave been in so many...
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    Man Flies To Detroit To Have Sex With Girl, 5

    that man is sick,, to many sex offensers on our streets need to go back to jail where they belong!
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    VP200 and Ojo

    I have VP 100 so no longer work I m still currently waiting for vp 200 for long time. But yes I do have OJO,, so I use ojo the most since it better.
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    Telecoil mode with Blackberry Curve

    I did try the same thing using my tele coil to my black berry cruve pager for phone but it seems it only work with music and viedo instead of the phone for blue tooth. Strange, eh?:hmm:
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    NEW> NBC Trumps Up New Celebrity Apprentice Cast

    I feel bad scott got fired. I like him. Speaking of Joan River I can see she throw her fits when she don't gets her way ha. I got a feeling she won't last very long.