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    Hey HOHDougRN!

    Happy Belated Birthday Doug.
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    TagDeaf thread

    Ive been a member of Td since 07, used to be known as Ladybutterfly then to this sn. Over the years ive watched drama happened and disappeared....mainly due to the credits of Pema and Spelcheck. I know its not an easy job for Pema and Spelcheck as im a Admin of another site but you guys did a...
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    Deaf in denial... help

    Its sad to see the parents left it too late for him to learn and still its never too late to learn anyway....the blame lies with the parents in not taking much effort to support his needs and really sad to see him trying to be someone he isnt (a hearing). While he detest learning to sign, oral...
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    What's wrong with me!!!

    WW, it sounds like ur facebook profile is not on private settings if anyone can comment on ur page there. My advice to any who use facebook, put ur profile on private to *Friends Only* meaning those on ur buddy list there can write on ur page. Also be sure not to have ur contact details...
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    Man hid stolen earrings in butt

    He got rocks in his head to put it down there. How would the saleperson handle it after it been returned? Would it go on half price sale if she was to still sell it?
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    What web site you visit daily?

    Facebook Deafglobalchat youtube ebay my hotmail alldeaf
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    Someone Birthday today.

    Happy Birthday Cal, party hard and have fun. Cheers.
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    AllDeaf Meet @ DeafNation World Expo, July 2010

    Whoa $85 to sit on the floor, not to mention the screw ups. What a rip off, i feel sorry for the people who paid to watch it.
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    Ask yourself

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    Did you wear body aid while young?

    Oh gawd, it been years lolz. Yea used to wear body aid from 2 to 9years old. Used to hate that friggin thing lolz, as soon as the BTE ones came out, never looked back since.
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    Do you tell everyone you meet about your hearing issues?

    Usually when i dont understand one speaking to me, i let them know then. When they say, "Oh im sorry", i say " Why, you didnt make me deaf."
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    Any Aussie deaf people about here!!!

    G'day from Sydney :)
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    word game

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    word game

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    word game