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    You want to be my French penpal for friendship ?

    Thank you CrazyMomma lol I hope you are numerous to know that i am French deaf . I announce that OfélyFrance (is a deaf girl friend too) is here in the forum site :):) See you soon ;)
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    Hi !

    Salut lol this is me who gave her the cool site :). So OfélyFrance is my friend ... ;) She is very a nice friend and she is funny !! Like me, i would kike to meet deaf people and to learn ASL. It would be funny if we (Ofély and i) will meet one day American deaf !! So don't...
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    What is your favorite tree??

    Don't forgot never : all trees are lungs of our planet, in particular the forest of Amazonia !! So we must love all trees, they are precious for us !! ;)
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    Subway, mmh ..

    I noticed for most of yours like Subway :) but personally, i don't eat a sandwich a day !! It's always the same thing so I prefer to vary my diet. The stomach is "happy" lol. No, really ! Can you see I mean ? To eat sandwich then tomorrow, to go in the restaurant and the next day, to bring my...
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    know deaf people of world

    I am Florent, a French boy. I am deaf too. I am happy to see you when you like deaf culture. It's interesting to exchange about that. Unhappy, I don't speak German. I know only "Danke" lol. I think that's right :-s How are old are you ? I am 22. I live in the north of Paris. I hope to make...
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    Subway, mmh ..

    I discover "Subway" in Paris, France. It's better than McDo, than "Quick" because McDo and Quick are fatty. There are too much sauce as tomato ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, ... Whereas Subway, it's less fatty, less sauce. It seems to a long bread like French stick. There are salads, tomatoes...
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    You want to be my French penpal for friendship ?

    Hello from France ! Ca me touche que tu montres ce film aux étudiants ! Ton français est correct donc je te comprend bien ;) Si ton chef a trouvé quelqu'un qui puisse me correspondre avec moi, je suis ravi. Merci beaucoup de ton service. A bientôt, FLORENT
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    You want to be my French penpal for friendship ?

    eh siii, j'étais dans un film "Le Pays des sourds". C'est marrant que tu penses à ce film !! En tout cas, merci de penser à moi pour chercher quelqu'un qui veut correspondre avec moi. Moi, j'aimerais apprendre ASL car j'ai envie de découvrir d'autres choses avec les sourds étrangers. Si tu...
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    Hi... learning ASL in New Jersey

    Hello You are welcome ;) So do I, i’m new in AD ! But I practise LSF (-> French Sign Language) :-s and I live in the north of Paris. About me, I would like to meet deaf person practising ASL. You are hearing, it’s not matter. What I want is getting in touch with friends :):) My mail address...
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    You want to be my French penpal for friendship ?

    kikou mais non pas si vieux que ça lol ! Je suis étonné que tu habites à Salt Lake City alors que tu parles français ! Tu as des origines françaises ? Sinon connais-tu quelqu'un de mon âge qui puisse me correspondre ? Je serai ravi si c'est le cas :) Moi, je sais signer LSF (langue des...
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    You want to be my French penpal for friendship ?

    lol Here my mail address is : {Mod Edit: Email removal} You are welcome ;) Biz {Mod Suggestion: As for email addresses--pls. PM (private message) user for email request--ty}
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    You want to be my French penpal for friendship ?

    Hi everyone ! I am a French boy. I am deaf. I am 22. I live in the north of Paris. I would like to have English-speaking deaf person (US, England, Australia, and New Zealand …). I don’t mind if you are a boy or a girl but I prefer you are form 18 to 25 years old. If possible, you speak French...
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    New Year 2007 Deaf Party

    Hello Kitty45 ! I'm a French boy. I live in North of Paris. I'm 22 years old. I speak French and English (a very little in Italian). I discover this site, today. I'd like to meet deaf persons. I will enjoy to talk them by mail, ... Can you tell me who are you, where do you live … If you...