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    What are your favorite kitchen gadgets?

    Immersion blenders. Great for soups and the creamiest of mashed potatoes. ha Never sleep on a sharp paring knife, either. Versatile blade
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    Oh I get some, alright! Just never any for the next day. It goes fast!
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    What did you learn today? Part II

    I'm sorry that happened to you guys. My whole family has it right now, too. We are mild and for that I am grateful. I hope you and yours make a full recovery soon! All the best
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    I make a mean homemade mac-n-cheese; there is never leftovers at Thanksgiving :)
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    62yo loss my hearing at 59 and feel worthless

    You have a lot of life left in you and to give; Deaf Talent is everywhere and you can add to that tapestry. :) What did you do before you lost your hearing? Welcome to Alldeaf; I hope you find support and community here :)
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    ASL Practice Buddies on Zoom

    How are these practice sessions going for you guys? It's been meeting for a few months; what do you think so far? I hope it's going well.
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    Has anyone had a successful date via dating sites?

    Yes. I met my partner of the last four years on Tinder. His cousin met his wife of the last 5 years on Tinder. My best friend's sister met her partner of the last 5 years on Tinder as well. I know it has a reputation for hook ups but I think it's more about what you put into your profile. State...
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    Over the hearing aid choices
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    Hello from a newbie

    I'm from the Midwest! Missouri :) Welcome to AllDeaf :) I hope you find some helpful resources. I posted some that have helped me the last 3-4 years that I've been learning. They'd be great receptive skill building.
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    Hard of hearing mom learning ASL with daughter ^ site is excellent. They cover the News in ASL. Children's books and program. Talk shows by empowered women of different ethnicities to discuss various cultures. I can't say enough good about that website. Also... ^ Amazing Deaf Professor that posts his classes for free...
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    Deaf Opinions

    Much of this information is covered by various Deaf Talents on It's worth looking into, also a ton of Deaf Talent have YouTube channels that touch on most of these subjects as well. You could watch from home or ask the IT Admin to allow access to these educational channels...
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    How do I not be an a$$hole?

    What is Qi? I tried to understand that some are used to being on the defense because they are used to blows coming their way. I held my tongue and hands, they weren't ready to receive. I work in Mental Health, which is why I was in that conference. It was still a wonderful learning experience.
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    What things should you not say to a deaf person?

    That's pure ignorance. ADA rules are protected by law. That "Chief" needs educated, he is a cog and an ass.
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    How do I not be an a$$hole?

    I was at a Deaf Advocate seminar a few years ago. It was wonderful. I was at a dinner table with about 8 individuals that were Deaf and loving the exposure. The woman next to me asked what I did on the drive up. I told her I listened to podcasts in finger spelling, then asked if there was a sign...
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    Thai curries are some favorites. Pho Sweet Potato Soup BBQ