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    Compilot Question

    Thanks all.. I'm really happy with the Bluetooth experience so far and beats what I had before!!
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    Compilot Question

    Oh cool.. I read in the user guide about using a cable but thought I would give the Bluetooth a try.
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    Compilot Question

    Hi, I recently upgraded my HA's to Phonak Bolero Q30's which came with the Compilot. I've paired it up to my iPhone 5 without any problems and it works great for phone calls but when I stream music the sound is really tinny sounding. Can this be adjusted? I know that my hearing aids aren't going...
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    Hello from Australia

    Hi all, I just came across this place when searching for other information. I'm HOH (70%) and have been using HA's for the last 8 years. I'm originally from New Mexico but moved to Melbourne, Australia in 04. I work in IT and have been since '76, back when computers were huge. Anyway, I'm glad...