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    What have you done for your apd (auditory processing disorder)?

    Anij - are you around? After having a second test for APD <first audi failed to find anything and sent me home; I was pretty upset> by an audi who specializes in it, she diagnosed it. Wanted to chat with you :-)
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    Hurricane Florence

    you're welcome, Jane..... I also wondered about Reba. I've seen some of the footage of Florence over the weekend. Still thinking of everyone.
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    Hurricane Florence

    to all in path of this hurricane, please stay safe and remember that you can take both pets and service dogs with you to evacuate,! Sending good thougts for everyone!
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    Deaf/HOH lgbt life

    :) hi there!
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    Looking For Lgbtqi Friends

    hello! Happy Pride! I'm biQueer and pansexual, hoh
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    Just found out today....

    I remember him, wish the best -
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    Holiday wishes

    :ty: SilverRoxy! Hope you enjoy!
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    Holiday wishes

    Happy Holidays to everyone! :-)
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    Investigating HA's through DVR...

    :) DeafDucky, appreciate your thoughts! Are you interested in getting any vocational testing or training? I'm sorry that your experience is hard with DVR. When I first had them years ago, I experienced good and bad things with them - the paperwork hassles and multiple counselors <sometimes...
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    Investigating HA's through DVR...

    :ty: DD and AlleyCat! I suspected that DVR has certain providers for HA's they use. I currently do not work outside the home. When I talk more with the counselor about my audiogram or HA testing I'll ask her more regarding the income. DVR is going to do some vocational testing with me; I...
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    Investigating HA's through DVR...

    Hey...didn't want to hijack zeefour's thread for the Resounds. I mentioned on there briefly that I've started DVR again. I had DVR in college <before I was aware of any hearing changes, so far as I know; I had it due to learning disabilities>. I'm now about 45. For some years I've been aware...
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    Audie Wants Me to Get $5200 Hearing Aids (Resound) Need Help, Recommendations etc

    My husband has higher-end digital Resounds and really likes them. also, zeefour - good luck with DVR - I just applied and got in<there was quite a wait though>. I had DVR in college. Last week was my first meeting with the counselor. We're looking at covering HA testing and possibly aids -...
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    Never have i ever ....

    Would love to go zip lining- thought I could try for my birthday sometime. I've been in up in a ultralight - that was super-awesome! - but not skydiving - I can see myself trying skydiving someday oh - missed the ambulance <yes> and also the train - I've been on a train in the Canadian...
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    Never have i ever ....

    I've: broke a bone skipped school dyed hair rode horse had massage swam in ocean watched Star Wars camping - but not in a tent got ticket needed stitches<weekend before my wedding- sliced finger to bone with one of the new knives in the butcher block I got as an early wedding present. In our...
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    myself, I ID as biQueer and pansexual