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    Data usage for LTE/4G only.

    I'm on grandfather unlimited data plan on Verizon with iPhone 5. I usually use less than 2GB per month. Rare I use over 2GB a month. If I want to add personal hotspot and I just need to pay extra $30 a month. I use most wifi at home due speed isn't work well inside my apartment.
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    4g lte

    Anyone has phone with 4G LTE? I got Droid Charge last month with unlimited data and text plan. The speed average speed is about 7Mbp down and 4Mbp up. Many VRS companies won't support my phone. The video is 90 degree rotate. Expect I found only IWrelay will work use with Tango. IWrelay point...
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    i need help about Blackberry Storm plan in Verizon

    I used to have Storm and I end up with contract. I switch to iPhone and love it.
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    Verizon has unlocked the GPS to BB Maps for Verizon BB

    I have Blackberry Storm and Google Maps 2.0.3 work fine. I'm use it all times as I'm in new to the area. It is very helpful.
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    ATT/Sprint/TMobile (Customer service)

    I'm on Verizon. It took me 5 to 10 min to get in CS. I have no plm with it. I'm much happy with them for 3 years plus awesome coverage. I end up with T-Mobile due to no signal in my house that I used to live in before I move.
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    Seattle Washington

    I'm new to Seattle too. Are there any more event?
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    What phone company do you recommend

    I have blackberry 8830 from Verizon. I use it because it better coverage at home that where I live. I'm very happy with it for almost 3 years. Right now Verizon have good blackberry plan as price reliable. Also, I'm using unlimited text in network (vzw to vzw) to my family who have Verizon. I...
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    Computer Viruses hit 1 million mark in 2007!

    I agree with you. I have same plm with it before. I spend lot of time to trying to solve the problem some of them are unsucessful. I missed my mac for long time then I decided to switch back to Mac and love it.
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    Comcast considers cap on Net usage

    Not Anymore, Verizon already refund to consumer who terminated. Only for consumers who sign up after March 2, 2008. Speed will be limited up to 200k if using over 5GB.
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    Who do have Blackberry 8830???

    This will tell you how to tether Mac to Blackberry.
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    Who do have Blackberry 8830???

    I have Blackberry 8830 Verizon.
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    Verizon Wireless now have new blackberry plan

    I just found out last night that Verizon Wireless now have new blackberry plan. Old Plan $50 month Blackberry Data Only Plan $45 month Blackberry Data Plan (add with voice plan) New Plan $35 month Blackberry Data Only Plan $30 month Blackberry Data Plan (add with voice plan) I don't...
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    Verizon now offer Plan for Deaf and HH

    Yes it is old news. I called Verizon 2 days ago and they still have plan.
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    Verizon now offer Plan for Deaf and HH

    I use Verizon for almost 2 years. I agree with you and it better coverage. it work very well in my house. I used had T-Mobile and it no service inside my house :mad:. Every time have to put my Treo on the window to get signal to receive text message. I paid $63 per month for unlimited...
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    Verizon now offer Plan for Deaf and HH

    Sorry I misread it. I misread on the website. The right plan is $39.99 for unlimited domestic text message and 100 voice minute per month. If you want to use unlimited data plan additional $40 month. I'm not going to change on that plan. Sorry about post at first place.