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    About to get my first hearing aides

    Thank you. I guess that is where some of the frustration comes in.
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    About to get my first hearing aides

    Within a week or two. I am very nervous yet excited at the same time. My mother said that it can be frustrating at first. My family is very excited. I think they have some unrealistic expectations though. My husband though I was going to sleep in them! I think they assume the close captioning...
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    RockinRobin get well!

    I hope you feel better soon and Happy belated Birthday.
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    Hello to all!

    Welcome. I am hoh and also am learning sign. Not sure what Mr. Vicars has on youtube but his site ASL University has something close to lesson plans. There is 30 of them. Good luck.
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    Hello I plan on being an interpreter

    :welcome: You came to the right place to learn.
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    Jen Doods and Her Experience

    Very good life story for people to learn from. Not so sure if I agree with her sentence of "If you can't understand someone, it is their fault, not yours." I agree as far as her school, but not life. Not like deaf or hoh wear a colored ribbon informing people of their difference. We appear to be...
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    Nevermind. It seemed to be rude comments to her then I looked around and get a better picture now. Glad I did not insert my foot in my mouth! Girly, chill on the relationship stuff on here. Have one or don't, what ever.
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    I can not bring up the link above, what was it.
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    Went to the doctor today...not good news.

    I do not have all the health issues you have, but I do need to quit drinking and loose some weight. I am a little over 3 months with quitting smoking. My motherinlaw told me she lost a ton of weight when she stopped drinking. I want to be able to run again someday, but my knees can not do it at...
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    Hey, introduction here.

    Identity thieves.
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    Don Jon

    Not that I care to see a Jersey Shore type movie, which this appears close in a few way, but it has Joseph Gordon-Levitt that wrote, directed, and starred in it. And JGL was little ole Tommy on 3rd Rock from the Sun! I hope he does well...he sure has blossomed well!! :giggle:
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    New colombian guy here!

    Hi and welcome. I used to live in Palm Bay, but in North Carolina now. I do not know anything about the surgeries, sorry. Someone on here is bound to.
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    ios 7

    Windows 7 to Windows 8 = drastic. iOS 6 to iOS 7 = drastic. Can not escape it!! Maybe if they built a whole new kernel instead of using the original for 30+ years we could avoid all these bells and whistles they decide we want.
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    Hether Shecim

    Hi and :welcome:
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    Hey, introduction here.

    I am aware of all this. The only thing they will acquire with my identity is bills an rejection. Nothing they care to keep.