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    Do you find it more challenging finding human interaction?

    Yup, I relate to most of what you said. I isolate quite a lot and I go insane when I do. But too much time around people and struggling to hear is exhausting. One on one or a small group of people who speak clearly is best for me. I also use context a lot and take a while to get used to the...
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    Adjustment to late onset deafness

    Reading Some of the recent posts here makes me think of what I keep repeating to my 12 year old, hoping some day it will sink in. That is "Just try to be kind...and say sorry when you've hurt somebody's feelings". It would make the world so much more peaceful... Having said that, it has most...
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    Lost in life?

    Alex Haley, author of bestseller 'Roots' was 55 when it got published. I'd love to see some more success stories in the over 50 age category. I need some inspiration :rolleyes: ...
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    Bumping against limits

    Hi T and welcome. Sorry about all your challenges. I also struggle with APD and being HOH. I think your essay sounds like a great idea. I think the human brain is one of the most neglected parts of the body when it comes to how to keep it healthy.
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    Hoh mum, hearing kids

    Yes, I think a good audiologist/technician is very important. I get quite skeptical when I hear 'Really? You're the only one that's ever happened to.' I fear it's because most of their customers either accept mediocre results or take them out and throw them in a drawer, never to be used again...
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    Tip of the iceberg...

    I don't think people appreciate just how much of an impact 'merely' being hard of hearing has on a person's quality of life. Frankly, I didn't even know myself. So many of the mental and physical health issues I struggle with today can be traced back to my lack of hearing. There have been...
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    Hoh mum, hearing kids

    Sounds like I need to get educated on this stuff. I'm starting a list of things to ask the audiologist. Unfortunately they stick to brands that give them volume discounts. I suspect that is a common practise and probably results in Audiologists knowing less about all the available options...
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    Hoh mum, hearing kids

    I have phonaks with the tube that goes from the in-ear piece to the behind the ear piece. The tips have the little white replaceable filters in them. I'm trying to pay more attention to whether or not it helps after I change them. It's hard to control all the variables. So far, it's...
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    Hoh mum, hearing kids

    Thanks. Sounds like it might be fun!
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    Hoh mum, hearing kids

    Glad to hear others do this. I always thought it annoyed the heck out of people! Absolutely, we are not meant to live in a war zone, especially when it's your own family. I'm trying to find that middle ground between tolerating rude behaviour and blowing my top. I'm told teenagers have no...
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    Coping with being hoh?

    Yes, I thought that might be what you meant. I might pick your brain about it - sounds like you've had some success with it.
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    What do you do in your spare time?

    Thanks for this. And do you have a link to the comic strip you mentioned?
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    Hoh mum, hearing kids

    No I've not thought about about CI's. Somebody had a link to an audio of what it's like to hear through them and that terrified me so I don't think I'll be going there anytime soon.
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    Hoh mum, hearing kids

    Whoops, forgot to quote. That last reply was to "Do you wear hearing aids?"