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    What jobs can you do with hearing loss?

    Sell bicycles. Raise fund for your favorite nonprofit organization.
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    Stupid comments

    Many of my friends were upset with Foxx's fake signing. I let it go. I've better things to do. I sell bicycles. Believe it or not, but some of my customers have no patience dealing with deaf seller. I just move on to the next person.
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    What has good mpg and large cargo space like scion xb?

    Hello, I've a 2005 Scion XB with 216K. As you may know, this kind of Scion has a good amount of cargo space for a small vehicle and good MPG. I'm starting to save up for a better vehicle. I want something for around $3K give or take. I want one that has similar MPG and a large cargo space like...
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    Shooting in ups facility in san francisco

    When would those shootings stop? Nice vintage UPS trucks by the way.
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    Where are you from??

    I'm from the beautiful city of Chicago where there are Deaf events going on practically every week.
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    I'm back

    I update my personal Facebook page quite often. I'm still selling bikes. However, I'm getting more involved in a local 501c3 non-profit organization focused on elevating deaf/Deaf people to a more rewarding lifestyle. If you want my personal Facebook page to add me, let me know.
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    What are the best webs sites for designing shirts?

    Viraldesigns is one of them. What else?
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    Who's Looking Forward To Football?!

    I'm proud of Chicago Bears for winning their last game. Go Bears!!!
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    I'm back

    I'm friend with Botti on my personal Facebook page. I heard that she passed away. I decided to come here to pay my condolence. I'll try to hang out around here more often. You can message me or add me as a friend on Facebook if you know my name.
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    I need a job so i can feed my self,

    Help me sell bikes.
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    What are you thinking about? Part VIII

    I'm thinking about being much more charitable this Holidays as opposed to last year.
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    Anyone tired of being lonely?

    I am, but I try to move on. I'm sure someone will love me whether it's this forum or somewhere else.
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    I would really like to get some deaf or hard of hearing friends

    I used to be an ASL teacher aide when I was a Northern Illinois University student.
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    Sad news

    My thought is with everyone involved. I enjoyed reading Botti's posts here.
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    Female Roommate

    I guess I'll look for a female roommate who wants a free rent. I'm feeling like an unwanted piece of garbage because no one want to be my date week in or week out. Who cares whether I sell 5 or 25 bikes a week. I'm a worthless human being. Maybe someone will want a free rent and make me happy...